Scorpio November 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This November, dear Scorpio, you are entering a whole new phase of personal growth and self-development, which could put you on the right track for the next twelve years! It is a time for learning and for accumulating new experiences, turning a new page into your life!

Unfortunately, there is still tension with those you are in the closest relations and even with a very good and strong relationship, the work on joint projects is likely to slow down. But one thing you can be sure of this month, your social life and interaction with friends and neighbours will be fun.

Scorpio asserts with inspiration, persuasion, but sometimes, with too much insistence, both the personality and interests in the public space. So, try not to be very pushy when you want to achieve something and be careful with everything else that is happening in your life, especially to how you communicate with the new people you meet.

November highlights

Avoid releasing your frustrations on those dear for the next couple of months, especially if they have no fault at all in what is happening in your life.

If you don’t listen to the above, you're just going to ruin the harmony you've discovered lately. The situation will be a calm one at work, so you can plan a new project and even get unexpected help from a colleague. During this time, the stars predict good health for Scorpio.

Don’t lend an ear to rumours around the middle of the month and just focus on doing your work as best as you can. A good time for romance will help you alleviate any stress you may be experiencing at work.

During or around the 19th, it would be advisable to be more careful how much you spend. From the 23rd onwards, it’s time for you to shine socially and to socialize in quite an assertive and charming manner.

During the last week of the month you may come across a financial opportunity worth considering, but at the same time, you may experience some tension with your partner. If you trust your instincts, then don't give in to them.

Scorpio love horoscope for November 2019

This is a time when you are starting to cut the root of any romantic problem and not accept any compromise. You break away without blinking from those who do not appreciate you as they should and always put you on the waiting list.

Don’t be afraid to leave behind people and negative feelings, because some doors that you close now can open for you, in the future, delightful prospects.

If you are single, you do not miss out on the suitors, but do not rush head first into making any definite choices during the first part of the month, when you are not very objective.

If you are married, listen carefully to your partner's requirements, as they may be more serious than you would think.

If you are engaged in a serious relationship, most likely the monotony has taken over your relationship and you must do something about it. A romantic evening or even a getaway to another city is all you need!

Career and finances progress this month

You have every chance to stand out at work this month. The efforts you will need to put in will not be too great, because all will be due to the work done so far and your diligence. You will do everything to achieve a better position or to enjoy the desired success in the business you are involved in!

You will experience a couple of days of peace and quiet and you may also be inclined to isolate yourself a little. Some people expect a little too much from others and may become upset if their demands are not respected.

You may also be unable to sit still because your colleagues at work are pushing you to help them and be involved in a new project. This enterprise may mean that you will challenge your own beliefs and may even need to break a little from tradition.

Take all the chances you come across to learn something new about yourself and to gain new skills, because you never know where else you will need them.

Health and wellbeing

Starting with the 19th, Mars is passing the sign of his nocturnal domicile, the Scorpio, from where it offers us the inner strength to face any challenge that we will be experiencing the rest of this month.

Also, through the power we confer, we manage to command respect in the most important social contexts with which we meet in this period.

You will take command of your health as well, not allowing your thoughts to raise your stress levels unnecessarily, even helping others become more relaxed.

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