Scorpio October 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-09-23, 2801 views

Secret relationships or secrets in a relationship to become urgent issues in the Scorpio October 2015 monthly horoscope. Until October 9, hidden information that you might find about your partners can bring angsts as you tend to be frightened by the possibility of losing their collaboration or even of becoming enemies. 

Be attentive

The wise thing would be just to observe, without worrying too much as your sensitivity and great empathy might amplify impressions. Therefore, it is advisable for you to postpone any radical decision linked to the mentioned field for the time when Mercury goes direct again.

So, starting October 10, you can proceed at making the necessary agreements behind the stage as mutual interests requires, although such a thing might be felt like restrictive to your well-known desire for power and control over both things and people.

But tense aspects of Mercury like a square to Pluto and an opposition to Uranus to be formed in the last decade of October will stir your desire for being assertive as a way of displaying your power and for imposing strict rules (some would say overbearing rules) in cooperation. 

Love life to be burdened by social rules

Although Neptune in Pisces gives you a very romantic disposition, the transits through Virgo put limits to your love life and that might affect your affair. At bottom, Jupiter, Mars and Venus in Virgo brings to the fore moral rules and fight for obeying them.

At a concrete level, this means that the friends or some organizations you are interested in impose you high demands regarding what needs to be done and what is forbidden, what is right and what is wrong, what is a rule and what is optional.

The same transits through Virgo that bring troubles for your love affair will bring along great chances for setting effective relationships within your social circle, especially by the end of October.

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