Scorpio October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 4073 views

Optimism and a sense of self confidence seem to be all that this October requires from you, no matter how improbable this sounds. You are ought to be challenged in areas you considered already sorted and will breathe easily in others that stressed you a lot in the past.

This means there will be nice surprises for you this month but also some moments in which you will have to adapt to what is happening. There will also be moments in which frustration will quickly be replaced by relief and perhaps laughter.

The following days might offer some occasions to manifest deep wishes and you might be able to talk honesty about some things with your partner. All in preparation for some other big reveal or whatever you have in plan.

We should also talk about allies and having your closest friends near you, even if you need them or not. You need to invest a little bit more in your social life.

Adventure seeking

The first few days will mark a lot of positivity in your life, at times without any actual ground. But this is not something to be criticized, especially if it helps you to keep going. You are really trying to occupy yourself with things that make you feel good but at times deal with some of the rest that stress you.

Quite a balanced combination and it would be great if you could keep it like this all the time. But you know how it is that good things come to an end.

This is exactly what happens with your great balance, perhaps because your emotions roll in or just because you want more adventure and challenged.

And you surely will find it if you search for it as much as you do. And it might be alongside your loved one or in the company of your best friend.


Around the 10th, things are turning a bit tense and you might start to feel the pressure of some things you have ignored or perhaps of someone you were wrong to in the past. Although there is no one to confront you, deep inside, you know you need to do something about the matter.

And this is quite an honest revelation and working upon it, although it might ruin a day or two, it will actually lead you to quite a peaceful time.

Work will pose some difficulties around the 15th but again, you feel confident you can deal with them. Some kind of crisis moment might make you doubt yourself but luckily, someone with more experience will be there to jump for you.

Financial gain will probably brighten up the general mood after this scare, even if it is related to something you did in the past. What a better time to congratulate your past self and celebrate with your present self, and some friends perhaps.

Work matters

The second half of the month will see you focus more on practicalities and on results that are tangible. You prefer to see what you have accomplished because this gives you a sense of interior peace.

At the opposite corner however, there may be some days in which you will be in the spotlight, with Mars guiding you through some treacherous meetings. There may be some public speaking involved and you will need to prepare for that.

Superiors will recognize the efforts, but it will take a while so don’t expect any rewards to come over night. You are making an impact and this delay has nothing to do with the quality of your work.

When to be serious

Mars makes itself felt again in your initiatives at home. You are all of a sudden very interested in fixing faults you’ve been successfully ignoring for months.

Not only you would like for everything to be clockwork around you, but if possible, would prefer the same when it comes to the behavior of those around.

This might get you into some sensible situations because you will be quite direct in expressing what you would change at them. And your family won’t resist fighting back with criticism addressed to you.

Leaving this aside, you should also focus on your health, whether or not your body is giving you any signals. If you have any consultations scheduled, don’t forget to follow up on them.

You might be under the impression of invincibility due to what you managed to accomplish during the month and this is not a good place to be in, when it comes to your health.

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