Scorpio October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 4273 views

Scorpio, use your charismatic demeanor this October because you will end up being very surprised by what you can achieve with just by batting your eyelashes.

This is going to be an easy month for those with quick thinking and who are not afraid to try new activities and meet with new people. You won’t be the best when it comes to presentations and argumentations but surely your passion for what you describe will make everyone follow you.

This month you may also be offered the chance to value a past experience by adapting it to suit a new challenge and you will be very pleased with your old self for having learned that.

Surprising developments in love

It seems that after the 3rd of October you will be very much concerned with the direction in which your relationship is going and you are going to put quite a lot of pressure on your significant other.

Although you may be pleased with how things have been between the two of you, there are still comments you are gathering the courage to make.

You will also tend to weight the pros and cons of some relationship plans and may start to doubt the reasons you had whilst making some choices.

Also, some natives may want answers to questions they have previously kept to themselves. During the second half of October things seem to calm down and you will become, all of a sudden, a lot more acceptant. No wonder those dear to you won’t really know what to believe anymore.

Are you on top of your game

You should consider yourself warned that this October only those strong enough and with courage are going to achieve something. There will be some sort of supremacy fight in the office, even though it will be mostly covert.

Around the 16th, you might find it hard to concentrate and your mind will probably keep slipping towards how much fun you’ve had during the weekend. But this is not to say you cannot regroup fast after this.

Whilst the competition in the office is kept under the radar, the accomplishments are not and you will certainly want to be out there, showcasing all you have done. You will need to believe in the value of your work and not be afraid of criticism, if you want to move ahead.

Beware, around the 24th, of gossip in the office because, if you don’t participate, you will be judged, but if you do participate, you may also get in a bit of a conflict. Try to find the middle ground about this.

What about health

You are benefiting from great vitality throughout October but it seems that your mindset doesn’t always match the signals you receive from your body and this is exactly where the weak points come up.

You will be very satisfied with some results, perhaps of tests you have done in the past and, around the 15th, there may be some days in which you won’t be very attentive to what you eat. It seems that this is the greatest danger with you, forgetting where you’ve started from and returning to excesses.

You may also fall prey to some idleness and not do any exercise but hopefully your partner will be able to convince you to at least go for a walk in some evenings.

What separates you

It seems that until the 12th, you will be very conscious of the differences between you and people of a similar age or status. You are very critical and prone to comparisons and you don’t always come as you should out of these comparisons.

On the other hand, you will have some good days in which you will feel as if you are on top of the world and will disregard what others are doing. You might also find it hard to share and will show quite a bit of selfishness.

This all comes from this inner need to keep your position and ensure that you are being acknowledged for how far you have come in life.

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