Scorpio October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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A month of promises, dreams and expectations, whether we are talking about things that originate from you or things that are addressed to you. Be careful not to lose yourself too much into dreaming but at the same time allow yourself time to enjoy these moments, to be creative and ingenious.

This is a great month for educational endeavours of all sorts but you need to be careful about how you choose what is appropriate for you because there will be a tendency of yours to rush into things, not really understand the implications or just be totally naïve about things.

It may be slightly difficult to avoid disappointment this month but surely you should try your best. You may also be pushed by some sort of last minute situation to take a decision that you have been pondering upon for a while now.

Some natives will get the chance to do a bit of soul searching and may understand why they follow certain impulses, but it is important not to stop with the good work at this point and continue with other moments of meditation.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury trine Neptune aspect debuting on the 19th, will free up any communication barriers you may have recently encountered, and you will most likely feel very comfortable in your skin, no matter the audience.

Opposition to be faced

During the first week of the month and up until the New Moon in Libra on the 9th, you will be dominated by personal dilemmas that you will wish to keep hidden but that you will not be able to take off your mind.

Most natives will choose the easy way out and will try to occupy all their time with many activities, so that they keep having an excuse. It appears that someone older in the family might come with some suggestions that are going to appear to you to be the best thing ever.

Around the middle of the month you will get the chance to play a little with those around and with their beliefs, perhaps even manipulate them into following you. This is all very innocent and although you may have been using your power of convincing for other things as well, be warned that this is not the case this time.

It’s just that, especially at work, you will try to influence things to run smoothly and there are great chances of success and for this to happen. You may even end up extracting some financial benefits out of this.

Because of the Venus Mars square you should expect opposition as well and some reactions that you will catalogue as slightly aggressive. It is important not to take everything personally and to continue with what you consider is right for you.

You will also have some moments in which you will be so tired of looking for the bigger picture that you will just spend your time dealing with small details. This will give you some comfort and help you feel as if you have put your life in order for a bit.

The Mercury Neptune trine occurring on the 19th will get you to be very talkative and straightforward but because you will also benefit from a good sense of humour, this will not create any troubles, on the contrary, will make you be even more attractive to those you come in contact with.

Prepare for you will be very busy around the 24th and might confuse some aspects of reality with fantasy and you might have a hard time coping with an increased workload. Luckily, this is only temporary, and you will have plenty of time to recuperate from it.

Special: Your love life this October

Dear fiery Scorpio lover, be careful about playing games this October because, despite this not being apparent, everything that you do this month, will somehow return to you. A lot of what will happen will not be what it seems at a glance so it is important to keep your Karma clean and stay out of trouble.

The first challenge will most likely surface with the debut of Venus retrograde on the 5th, when you will feel this inkling to just flirt with a love interest of yours. It may even be someone from your past, with whom you have an on and off relationship.

Some natives will all of a sudden, start thinking about marriage, although this has not really been an option for them in the past. This will probably be a surprise for everyone around them so they will need to be patient and go through the same explanations again and again.

On the other hand, around the middle of the month, some of those in long term relationships may start thinking about a possible separation and will flirt more and more with this idea, although there will be very few who will have the courage to go ahead with this.

Because of the Venus and Jupiter positioning in Scorpio, followed by Mercury moving there on the 10th and then the Sun arriving in there on the 23rd, many emotions will be confused and people will not really understand what triggers them to feel the way they do.

Towards the end of the month, romantic life might come with some added pressures of keeping up with the romantic gestures of other people.

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