Scorpio October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Leaving some small annoyances aside, in October you will be able to follow your path and do what you love.

Some more complicated situations could occur within the family and you should solve them before they grow bigger. Sentimental opportunities in the latter part of the month.

There are signs of tension with the partner in the relationship. If you have a very good and strong connection, with all the obstacles that have arisen, at this moment many things can be achieved.

Working on your joint projects slows down a bit. And if the tension between you persists, you are inclined to somewhat depart from your position of non-compromise, thus improving communication between you.

You will find, at the end of the month, to your delight and satisfaction that you are entering a whole new phase of personal growth and self-development, which can put you on the right path for the next couple of years.

During this month you will feel a state of tension and nervousness and you will want to erupt.

However, it would be good to keep your nerves under control. Some relaxation exercises might help.

October highlights

You appear to be very open with your emotions at the start of the this month and are rather expressive. On a similar note, you don’t let yourself put in the corner by anyone and talk freely on every occasion.

This will probably bring you some new friends but also a great deal of unwanted attention so you might be faced with gossip and some unfair rumours.

Stick to those you trust and don’t be too impulsive in your actions, especially around the 12th.

Something you accomplish at work or related to a domestic issue will probably bring you respect in the family and you will be quick to capitalize on this.

Falling out of this you will go straight into anxious mode, perhaps worrying about something you need to do towards the end of the month.

Some of your fears could be well founded, but others have no real cause behind them. Try to make the distinction between them correctly.

Towards the end of the month, you continue to be charismatic and quite demanding of those around. Some chance for travel should keep you quite busy shopping and preparing for the occasion.

Scorpio love horoscope for October 2019

Instead of fiery romance this October, you can expect an intellectually cold period. You will think a lot, but also about past events. You may not rush because, fortunately, no one will rush you.

Scorpios, both single and in relationships, will benefit from sorting out their priorities. Then their goals will be clearer and they will know what to do in life again.

You desire freedom and avoid modelling yourself after the expectations of your lover. This could mean, especially until the 15th, some chances of conflict, if you feel like your significant other is cornering you about some behaviours of yours.

The universe will not push you in a certain direction. Usually, this shows an unchanged situation. The single will tend to remain single and the married will tend to remain married.

Benefit from fulfillment both socially and materially from joining different organizations and clubs. Your new friends come with both joy and financial opportunities.

During the second half of the month, make sure that you have common goals and targets with your partner. It would be a shame for both of you to be wasting your energies pulling in different directions.

Career and finances progress this month

Throughout this October, collective actions and projects remain profitable, you value yourself better than others and impose yourself as an authority in your field of activity.

You take on leadership activities and don’t shy away from the spotlight. But make sure you are also fully aware of the responsibilities that come up with your actions because you might end up a little overwhelmed with everything you put on your plate.

If you are already side hustling, keep it up. You could also step up your online activity or start promoting yourself online, because you can quickly make a name for yourself.

If you are looking for a job, the answer can come promptly from the online environment as well. Make a resume on recruitment sites or update your existing resume, look for tips in the virtual environment to help you get noticed.

A letter of intent written according to certain criteria can matter a lot, especially if you have any friends that could push it to someone important.

Scorpions that have been working hard lately and have dedicated themselves to their careers, are enjoying financial benefits towards the end of the month, and can see their popularity increase.

But try not to become too self-complacent because there is so much more you should be accomplishing. Keep your mind hungry. This is how you will come up with new ideas for the future, for the future.

Avoid unnecessary expenses on luxury items, and make sure you don't succumb to the autumn sale season.

Health and wellbeing

Jupiter and Mercury present in your sign with Venus retrograde intensify your suspicions, the desire to unmask hidden truths, to pay for one injustice or another, things that grind you and do not allow you to relax.

You feel the need to break away from a group you belong to and act as you want, not as others expect. Be fair, so that you do not have reproaches of conscience!

Also, think about what this new stress and induced anxiety are doing to your body. Get sleep and try to exercise more, to get those endorphins running through your body.

It is true that the internal struggles also affect the health, so you feel drained of energy and irascible. Try not to eat too much, especially late at night.

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