Scorpio October 2020 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2020-09-20, 5894 views

The month of October 2020 is the best time for Scorpios to get into reality, to pay attention to their dreams and sensations so that these become more tangible. Matters have to be scrutinized so they never pose any problem ever again.

Less but excellent is one motto that should be followed when friendships are involved. All through the month Virgos, Geminis, and Libras will be your succor, while Pisces are going to be abrasive.

Taurus in romantic situations are going to understand that boundaries have to be drawn. Cancers and you, the stingy Scorpios, will have your good relations restored, especially in the romantic aspect if efforts are duly channeled.

Leos, Capricorns, and Scorpios will be your partners in crime at work, and your relationships with them will bring immense benefits.

October 2020 Highlights

During October, all the ghosts from your past are going to finally be cut off. The effect of these will be glad tidings of good. Mercury and Venus in Scorpio are going to lead to an all-round positivity in life, one that is identical to a childs’.

Up until the 20th, love will blossom beautifully, as Venus will help improve the financial situation of the Scorpios, and there will be no pressure with finding a partner.

The social life this month will be vital, and friends will be indispensable in this time period. October will have a balance of good and bad, with the good overshadowing the bad.

The dreams will be clearly depicted and within reach for all you Scorpios out there. There are going to be disappointments from some friends, but the other friends will provide the support they’re supposed to provide.

Career wise, the month is going to start off badly, but at the onset of week two, things will begin to look up, both in the professional field and in romance too.

Scorpio Love Horoscope for October

Jupiter, Mars, and Venus will rain down on Scorpios with positivity and also influence Virgos. This points to glad tidings between the two signs. Relationships will drastically improve and be characterized by tranquility, love, harmony.

Scorpio’s mental state will peak and inspire fervor, also an increased interest in his or her surroundings. Love will surround you in all relationships, as beautiful memories from quality time spent together, trips together and bonding, will arise.

Certain Scorpios are going to realize their love for their friends and will have to accept the changes that come with coming across this new feeling. The earlier parts of this month will be fraught with difficulties for Scorpios, and it would be best for them to avoid love and its complications.

If they happen to be single, they should patiently look for suitable partners and a relationship, so as to avoid the disappointment that comes with rushing. Around the 8th, people who radiate the same energy as them will show up for those in need of a soulmate, in the most unexpected of places.

Career and Finances Horoscope

All through October, Scorpios will be remunerated better. Parts of the bonuses they’re receiving will be channeled towards the designing of their home and the purchase of some products they were dreaming about.

Arieses will repel everyone around them due to some problems they experience at home, with Scorpios too. Leos will progress unprecedently, also influencing the Scorpios around them, positively in business.

The beginning of October will initially be unpleasant career wise. Promises will be broken but, Scorpios will keep pushing and when week two starts, things will begin to look good.

Scorpios will also perfectly balance work with leisure. You will get good results from your actions because you are a hardworking leader. It’s the perfect time to try new things. Venus and Mercury will help you excel in your specialty if it’s related to business and money.

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