Scorpio September 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-08-26, 3979 views

You seem to have little expectations for this September so the more what it will unravel will surprise you. It will offer you both the occasion to come to grips with some things in the past but also the opportunities necessary for you to make some bold steps for the future.

And as if this wasn’t plenty, there may be chance for some news from afar, accompanied afterwards by your own travel. A lot of efficiency coming your way, at times you will not know how to best use it while other times it will be exactly what you need.

Some days with plenty emotion coupled with others full of rationality is the best way to describe what waits for you. Some social challenges will also make you question how much you trust your friends.

What happens at work

The first week will be spent in search for ingenious solutions or even someone to do your job for you. It is not like you are lazy or anything, it is just that you prefer to invest your time in a different direction.

This might be the source to some incredible creativity but might also change how certain people perceive you, especially if you are insisting too much. Mercury is surprisingly putting a shoulder in for you but you shouldn’t risk letting your luck run out.

It will be even harder to fight appearance, especially where there is a bit of truth to the matter. In general, the more aspirations you have, the more grounded you need to remain.

At work, there will be tasks that will require the help of others but most of what you have to do can easily be performed by yourself.

Where to go to for advice

Around the 12th, some matters of belonging to a group will surface and you might find that you are not that close to some people as you thought or don’t feel anymore that you share the same interest.

This might start up a reinvention of your social circle but you are advised to proceed with caution because you risk breaking up some friendships that will prove to really matter for you.

Don’t act in a haste and don’t imagine that by doing such radical changes you will obtain a new self. If this is what you have in mind, then you are on the wrong path. Surprisingly, someone older than you might come with precious piece of advice on the matter, if you are willing to listen, of course.

Some practical matters that you need to solve in regard to your home will keep you queuing, either in person, on the phone or online and will most likely require a lot of patience.

The hardship

The second half of the month will strengthen you a bit in terms of energy levels so you might think about doing some exercise or signing up for the gym. You still need to have realistic expectations about your own abilities, especially if you think you can obtain results overnight.

You are easily influenced by what you expect and easily let down. This is something you are the only one who can control although your partner will prove quite useful in taking your mind off these thoughts.

Speaking about your partner, you might have to support them in return as well, maybe with some official matters pertaining to their job.

Needless to say you need to be invested in the matter, not only because this is what you should do but also because any superficiality will easily be traced.

Peaceful times

Around the 22th with the monthly move of the Sun, a new vibe comes in the air and you feel more at peace and easy than ever. This is especially good for those who always blame themselves for what is going on around.

This time you are focused on real cause-effect relationships and in quite a rational manner I can say. This also helps you organize your own hopes better and plan ahead.

At work, you tend to become a lot more efficient and prefer to pick your battles wisely. You are taking adversity as it is in some situations and only answer back when you really need to make a point.

The last few days will mark new social interactions, perhaps something official from work and surely some chance of love prospects for the single natives out there.

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