Taurus April 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-03-28, 3757 views

It’s all fun and games until it’s not anymore. Although it might sound cryptic this is exactly how most days are going to be for you in April. You start off well enthused, maybe get overly involved but doing a great job but then, it’s either you or those around or circumstances surrounding the whole thing that some limits are crossed or something is exaggerated.

The first few days you’d better find time for yourself to rest and eat healthy because this will help you more than temporarily.

A little exercise won’t hurt either, especially if the weather allows you to perform it outdoors. If you neglect this, the stars are quite straightforward about this and they will send you directly in the doctor’s arms.

Nostalgia filled

Plus, the more occupied you keep your body, the more your mind can relax too because otherwise you getting in a deep nostalgia.

This might be caused by news from people you haven’t seen for a while or just by you stalking old co-workers or people you used to go to school with on social media.

Communication with someone close, perhaps a parent or sibling will help you get past this but only if they are acceptant of you and don’t start criticizing your choices.

Who you care about

The middle of the month doesn’t necessarily come with good news as bills might be pilling up making you consider once again whether you are only working to pay them and what happened to all the fun in your life.

Before contemplating leaving for a deserted island maybe look at the bright side and budget better, perhaps take your family on board with this so they can prevent you from indulging yourself.

Mercury kicks in force and it’s here to stay, therefore you should try and get as much information and knowledge into yourself as possible during this period.

Even if you are in employment and done with school for a long time you can still benefit from this because you still have to manage documents and information. Also, you’ll notice that you are more persuasive in negotiation and endeavors of this kind.

What you feel and what you show

Some conflict might be boiling underneath but unless something real serious happens to reveal it, things are going to be passive aggressive for longer at work. Maybe there is a particular thing you have with someone or it might be an office wide feud.

Even if conflict breaks, no more than a few harsh words will be thrown and overall the situation won’t find a real resolve.

You’ll show some agility and flexibility in a personal matter where you are forced to change your plans all of a sudden.

But don’t think that you can take more advantage of the situation because this month will not be about easy gain.

Follow your deadlines

The word of advice at work would be to take care of what you have to do on your own and not delegate any work because then you will be dependant on other people and the risk increases. Let procrastinating aside and those deadlines won’t seem as scary.

Around the 20, you seem to be entering a different stage in your life and you get more time to focus on personal skills. It may be that you test yourself for certain abilities or that you have to do this for school or perhaps for a new job.

A nice surprise will be from those in your family who are going to be very supportive with you during this period, help you with errands you are supposed to run normally and things like that.

Give back

At home there will be busier days around the 25, just as the last week of the month kicks in but again, support from family will be well received. But don’t take it for granted though.

Make at least a mental note about it and as the stars put it, you might have just enough occasions in May to repay their kindness.

The end of the month might also see some roots put there in your relationship, either that you go to a next level or that you simply become more emotionally comfortable with each other.

Not so great news for the single ones because no matter how persistent they are, it’s just not their best time to showcase how loving and loyal they can be.

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