Taurus April 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-03-26, 3338 views

Whilst you may not necessarily start the month under the best auspices it seems that things are going to turn around for you quickly. You are quite attentive to what others are doing and this on one hand keeps from you moving ahead on your own and on the other, it actually motivates you.

There may be some moments of uncertainty but at the same time, once you feel in control, there isn’t much to stop you. Calm and composed, you are taking a lot of things very easily and don’t get annoyed with anyone.

Relationship wise, it seems that you have a lot to learn this April from your partner and it seems that you will be quite aware of this opportunity. Stimulating and engaging, this April will help you wake up your senses, but only if you actively seek this.


You are going to be quite bold and stubborn during the first week and not many people will receive good reactions from you. And it isn’t necessarily that something annoys you, it is more of what you do when you are not sure of something.

Luckily, it seems that a wise family member will help you navigate some social circumstances and although at first you might not necessarily be willing to listen to them, eventually you will actually give a go to what they advise you to do.

Around the 7th, there is an occasion for you to make extra money and it is interesting to see how you will react to it. The only word of advice is, be careful with signing any documents, and always read the small print.


As the month nears its middle, you are becoming more and more open to different activities and your social life seems to improve as well. Venus is putting as much charm and attractiveness there is possible in you.

The only risk during this period is to lose track of what you really want. This is a time when the eyes need to remain on the ball, especially, as some natives will find out, during those social outings you may actually come across an important person.

Finding out things and trying to get as much information as possible from people is something you are truly going to enjoy this April, although there is nothing that interesting going on, as to grant you a detective badge. It is a great moment to practice your intuition in a harmless way, though.

Emotional times

And talking about intuition, it seems that your calm demeanor combined with intuition is going to take you a long way at work. It may be that you are asked to help a colleague or need to convince people about a very complicated matter.

The stars are standing beside you but there is also need for you to listen to what your heart has to say on the matter. It wouldn’t be a surprise if some natives would reconsider their workplace or similar, after something they disagree with.

You trust your feelings but at the same time, reality also kicks in, therefore it is important not to act in a haste. Your partner can help you with any of those thoughts, more than you can imagine, although you won’t be very quick to ask them what to do.

Lessons to learn

During the last week of April you are going to be very focused on a situation that is happening within your distant family and you will take quite an interest in that. It seems that this will come with a sum of choices you will have to make.

You might go impulsive on those, especially since they don’t seem to affect you on the short term. You should be warned that you might end up regretting what you do these days. Other than this, it seems that your social adventure continues and you are one of the first people in your group to be called out.

Something that happens to a friend and you hear about will teach you a thing or two about frustrations and to what extent you should let yourself led by them. This might in turn inspire you to take initiative in regards to an old plan.

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