Taurus April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This April, things that appeared to be intangible in the past, are suddenly coming into the realm of what is possible.

With most of your planets in the eastern side of your chart, dear Taurus, your thoughts are going to be centered on yourself.

Social support and your network of friends are also going to play an important role, especially in showing how your actions are impacting everyone else. Ups and downs may also take place but dreams surely can become reality.

Use your intuition but don’t succumb to the temptation of changing your plans at the very last minute, especially if you have put a lot of time and effort in preparing for them.

On the same note, there may be moments when you will simply want to be on your own but might want to refrain from isolating yourself, especially if people or yourself, have made an effort to be where you are.

Blessings of all sorts will surface this April, especially as a result of your own noble endeavors, when you think less of yourself and more of others.


TOP TIP of the month: You can harvest the energy of Mars conjunct Saturn at the beginning of April to ensure you start on your right foot. There is also good karma up for grabs should you want to be more involved in the current issues of a dear friend.

An increase in motivation

With Mercury moving into your sign straight from the 1st and intending on staying here until the 20th, we can safely say that most of April will be marked by enhanced eloquence and a clearer mind than usual.

You will be able to express yourself better both in writing and speech. This will also increase how aware you are of the mechanisms of your own thoughts.

You shouldn’t succumb to anxious thoughts during the first week of the month, although there will be sensation accompanying you, that something wrong may just be about to happen.

In the case of some natives, this may be happening because they are sort of allowing some recent inabilities to action and lack of conclusions, to frustrate them further.

The Solar Eclipse taking place in the sign of Aries on the 8th of April will emphasize what is happening behind the closed doors, in your family and in regard to aspects of your health.

With a change for the better in your mood, towards the 11th, you may find yourself fighting for your spot in the Sun and taking upon competitive endeavors, especially at work. This may in turn result in a hectic work schedule but you are still going to tackle everything with ease and poise.

Whilst Uranus’ position may not be the most straightforward this April, you are fine tuning and programming yourself to be more motivated and persistent in your endeavors.


Watch out! With the fighting Mars in your sign for the majority of April, there is no wonder you will need to fight some aggressive impulses and to temper your strong-willed reactions when things don’t go as planned.

What are you seeking?

With a disposition in which Mars favors Jupiter, this is the best of times for those seeking new avenues of income, whether this will be through freelancing or through an exciting new job.

Jupiter as a planet has always been associated with expansion, meaning that there is certainty about the opportunities this favorable aspect will bring into your life. The only question remaining is whether you will have what it takes to capitalize on the benefits.

If you want to prepare for what is to come, then you should prepare for rapidly changing conditions and for the need to take some risks in your career. With such challenges, your intuition will sharpen but you will most likely use past experiences to guide your choices.

Plans that have to do with travel and education may be overturn by last minute events but you shouldn’t be too affected by such instances, as there will be no long term impact.

Saturn is a friendly planet for you Taurus, but this April may bring some obligations that you will find hard to keep up with. By adding into the mix the Venus sextile Neptune aspect that will literally take your mind and have you only think about increasing your pleasure of the flesh, you sure will be distracted towards the middle of the month.


Enhance! Aspects of your relationship are going to bring you most satisfaction between the 15th and the 19th, with Venus opposite Jupiter and in trine with Pluto. Your sexual attractiveness is going to be stronger than ever but you are longing for affection and true meaning.

A difficult moment

From the 15th onwards, your disposition will be one of meditation and introspection but you cannot leave aside your optimism. You trust yourself too much not to seize any opportunities for advancement.

Should we take a look at your financial evolution, we will find out that your persistence will bring great results. You may have to deal with some unpaid debt or tax but surely you are not going to leave this rain on your parade.

The only word of caution is to not let your mind waive any scenarios as this will bring inactivity and blockage in your life. Personal competence and informed decisions will matter mostly now and your wisdom will be put to great use, especially in a family matter.

Some natives will enter in a rather unpleasant discussion with business partners, clients or collaborators, most likely on the topic of money that have not been exchanged in time. May want to avoid adopting a compromising attitude, or else you will need to make up for your loss on your own, despite any promises being made now.

Please note that now you are reaping what you sow not long ago. Maybe this instance could serve as a learning lesson, but only if you have the inspiration to dig into the past to understand what led you here.

With the strength provided by the Mars sextile Jupiter aspect after the 21th, your faith and willingness to take risks are going to be restored and you will continue to seek support from the business partners earlier mentioned.


Astrological aspect of the month: On April 26th the Mars conjunct Pluto aspect will reach its peak influence, driving you to be most ambitious and driven to amass power. Your endurance is increased so this is in fact a great time to tackle difficult chores.

No time to linger

The Lunar Eclipse on the 24th is forcing you to think outside the box and the results of this are going to most likely be seen in your social life. You may, all of a sudden, feel the need to reconnect with long lost friends and will track them down to meet.

This Eclipse will also govern aspects of money and some unexpected financial opportunities may actually come knowing on your door. You may be too busy for them now but surely will take notes.

With Venus entering Gemini, your love life will distract you from everything else and your love making will become much more sophisticated.

Some natives may go through a period of emotional confusion, not being sure how much of their emotions do they actually want to share to their significant others. However, aside from the enhanced romance, those in a well-established couple are not going to notice any other major upheaval.

The single natives on the other hand are going to be act free on the playground, being excessively selective and choosy.

Because you are advised not to make any important moves in late April, you can only play under the Saturn Sun trigon and set out a miniaturist foundation for future plans.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 30th is going to ring the month with a bang, one that will break anything in your personal life that has been wobbly recently – perhaps marking a reset of personal goals, in preparation for May.

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