Taurus April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This April will be beneficial for your relationships of all kinds. Taurus can expect romance and harmony in long-term relationships that will be stronger than ever.

Family dynamics may surface some clashes but releasing these will also release any pent-up pressures so overall, not only will the air be clear but everyone will feel comfortable.

On the other hand, those who have not yet met their soulmate can enjoy a lot of fun, flirting and adventure.

This month is also good for education. You light up pretty fast this month, and understand everything with ease.

Any new beginning will be marked by some challenges in this period, but be sure you can overcome them with a little work. You will not be able to get more this month if you are not willing to change.

It takes more authority on your part in the field in which you work, otherwise no one will take you seriously. Your ideas are good, but if you do not have the courage to expose them properly, they will not have any chance of reaping their benefits.

The financial situation is delicate, the more ambitious the expectations, the harder challenges you will face! The stars also recommend you more pride and patience in making decisions.

April highlights

The first part of the April is under the sign of introspection. You are in a contemplative passage, you think of the three months of the year that have already passed and some natives might feel some pressure regarding their achievements.

With so many planets in your 12th house of personal analysis, it's the perfect time to make some decisions about your life and especially about what you plan on doing in the near future.

If you are under much pressure and you do not have the time and space to meditate on all these things, try to take a mini-vacation away from the unleashed world. The best moment is around the 5th of April, when the New Moon in Aries will light your way to the best solutions.

Around the middle of the month you will seem to put some more interest in your social life. Some discussion with a friend might not be very pleasant and might involve money matters. One of the two parties will end up disappointed as a consequence of this.

From the 17th onwards, you may be more reactive than usual about what's happening around you and even get completely out of your comfort zone to help someone. Saturn takes care that the promises made now are kept as long as possible.

The Full Moon occurring on the 20th of April will bring a major change in the atmosphere of this spring. It will spread a tender light into the home of relationships so prepare yourself for some loving statements and maybe even for a ring exchange.

If you’re planning some travel escape, the most recommended weekend is 26-27th, when even Mercury will be on its best behaviour so no disruption is likely.

Finish April in style with a makeover or some sort of self-development as Venus is prompting you to achieve your best and feel your best. You might even have some contenders to your heart to impress.

Taurus love horoscope for April

In the first part of April, some aspects of the couple's life are getting worse. The biggest concern will be to figure out how deep your partner's feelings are.

In the second part of the month, however, most natives will manage to look at things from a more mature perspective and will see that they have been very unnecessarily worried.

Around the 15th you feel an almost instinctive need to remind yourself of a beautiful love story of the past and here is the recommendation to temper yourself in order not to let nostalgia take over you or give the wrong impression to your current partner.

If you are craving new experiences, rest assured that even your couple can offer these to you, but of course, you will also need to invest your time and effort.

You don’t look like you wish to consume too much energy in this direction and satisfy your lusts, so you’re expecting everything on a silver-plated tray, which is not very realistic of you.

Career progress this month

Venus, your governing planet, will be transiting your career area so pay better attention to what you are doing because you can be easily distracted by small details.

You will feel inclined to beautify your space and your activities, starting from changing things on your desk to buying new stationery supplies or even new work outfits.

From the 17th onwards, there are many opportunities for affirmation and you have the opportunity to pleasantly surprise those around you with innovative, innovative, daring ideas that few would have thought you capable.

You are very visible and impress even the most courageous employer or boss. Focus on long-term projects and try to understand the effects of the changes you want to make, also in the long run.

Financially, it is advisable to postpone major spending and major financial decisions. Avoid internet transactions and virtual currency speculation, because you can easily deceive yourself or become a victim of scam sites.

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