Taurus August 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-07-26, 3707 views

This is going to be quite a passionate month, especially for those natives who get the chance to go on holiday. You are leaving inhibitions at home and this surely means you are going to have a great time and not bring any regrets back with you.

This is not to say that all is fun in August, as there may be some work commitments that are going to give you a head ache. You are happy to get them sorted and it seems that you might even get involved in other colleagues’ work to help them out.

Some ambitions may be boiling this month and you will need to be quite diplomatic, especially when you are trying to impose your own opinions. This also means that you should avoid entering into any discussions that depart from the main point that you are trying to make.

Talking it through

It seems that communications will be facilitated during the first week of August so in case you have something to tell to your loved one, this is the time as the fact that this couples with more courage from you will surely help.

And when I say courage, I don’t mean that component of reckless behaviour in love because it seems that you are actually quite calculated and will only say things that you mean and push for what you really want deep inside.

You might also find that you want to spend more time at home, around family and this means you will adapt your personal agenda to get more of this. Perhaps this can pave the way to some interesting and honest discussions at home.

In tune with emotions

After the 12th, it seems that a lot of flexibility is required of you and you might find that you need to explain things a lot more than usual, to make them happen.

There will also be occasions for you to show just how meticulous you are in your activities. Some natives will succumb at first with all this pressure but they will eventually adapt as there is no other way to move forward.

Venus keeps emotions and feelings alive and you will probably notice that some discovery affects you more than you expected. You are also more empathic with other people, even if you don’t necessarily let this show.

Lucky occasions will also depend on how flexible you are because your central tendency might actually be to panic about what is happening.

Old flames

It seems that some past episodes are about to make a comeback and some natives will embrace them and become all nostalgic. For some, this might mean childhood friends and similar whilst for others, a passionate component might be added, perhaps an ex who is getting back in contact.

This is due to cause a storm of feelings and questions about choices from the past. And if this happens during some days in which you don’t have much work going on, you are sure to agonize on these questions.

Some natives may even be tempted into rekindling the old flame and this could or not mark a bit step behind and a mistake in respect to their current relationship.

Calming down

After the 24th it seems that you are becoming more at peace with yourself and acceptant of your choices. This not only comes with well deserved comfort but also with a tendency to overlook small details and be way too confident in what you do.

Of course that if you don’t control this, the territory most affected is going to be your work. Luckily, there are little chances for your superiors to observe this and it will take a while before you are being told off. This is to say that once you notice this behavior, you can correct it quite easily and with less consequences, the earlier you approach it.

Natives with children should spend more time in their company, especially if the little ones are on holiday. Although you might not realize it, this time is very valuable and might end up teaching you a lesson or two.

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