Taurus August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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The genuine interest and influence of a very important person in aspects of your private life will dictate how auspicious this August will be. And there is even better news than this as it seems that the heavenly disposition is prompting you to be yourself and your own personal comfort levels are going to be heightened.

What you need to do during the first half of the month is follow your goals consistently and not get too distracted. It will be easy for your plans to be diverted, perhaps in the hope of achieving something greater. Take things step by step and only raise the stakes if you have something to count on.

The voice of reason may be overruled by that of heart around the middle of August so during this time you may slow down a bit, so a great moment to take a bit of holiday.

Spontaneity and chaos will definitely play in your favour this month as you may be more adaptable and find your feet quicker than competition. The only caution here is to not let this go to your head because your major decisions will still need to be very calculated.


Watch out! You may also want to stay away from those close to you whom harbour negative beliefs and whom are always circumspect about what you are trying to do. It appears that this month you don’t really have the force to combat them.

A sense of comfort

The month appears to debut under the auspices of the Mars square Uranus disposition which will bring about a sense of rebellion in almost everything you do.

You will abandon your usual composed demeanor and if you are really attracted by something, you will launch yourself head first in it. Some natives are not very aware of the energy they are emanating this first week of August and may end up making others feel overwhelmed.

This is turn may create a negative impact, especially following interactions with people you don’t know that very well and ultimately, this is a shame because you never know what interesting connections you may form.


Enhance! Personal life will feel reinvigorated after the previous month and you may even be enjoying some sort of emotional stability which will give you wings to be bolder with your life plans. Single natives will be looking to profess their love without feeling that much fear of rejection.

The Sun conjunct Mercury disposition occurring on the 8th will enhance the way you communicate with those around but may not be able to completely beat up the influence of Mercury retrograde which will accompany you up until the 18th.

This is why most interactions will appear as a rollercoaster, with instances where you feel like you get along perfectly with those people and other instances where even simple messages don’t seem to penetrate.

A great period for drafting plans and documents but you might want to run them by professionals, to ensure that they are just as good as you want them to be.


TOP TIP of the month: Some natives may find that someone from their past requires their help now and perhaps a bridge that they thought was burned is now being reactivated. It could also be that the help is required in connection to a happy event.

Spending time with others

As you progress through the month you really seem to learn your lesson here and there and to maintain a rather balanced outlook. You are not very optimistic about anything, but you are not overwhelmed by negative thoughts either.

On the 19th, the JupiterNeptune trine debuts, encouraging you to be generous with your time and wisdom. You may find yourself a little disappointed that not everyone listens to you and perhaps your messages don’t reach as far as you would wish them to.

However, the satisfaction you are getting from such activities is so grand that it isn’t even worth comparing it with the disadvantages.

Your indulging nature and your need for material possessions may be challenged with the occasion of this disposition but eventually, this is only for the better. Remember that you need to give first of all, in order to receive back.


Astrological aspect of the month: The August 26 Full Moon will help you lead to completion social and practical activities and will bring luck in your life. This is a great time to work on your talents and practice your skills.

On the 23rd, the Sun will be placed in your love house, thus pushing on you this emotional stability and confidence in your feelings. You are not going to fear your partner may end up hurting you and your possessive nature will appear to stay in check.

You may still be rather rigid about certain decisions but this may also be linked to the fact that you don’t have that much free time and will be very picky about what you choose to do with it.

The Venus square Pluto aspect occurring on the 26th will bring a clash of power and authority in your life and it may be that you will need to say and do just like your superior and this will not fare well with your independent spirit.

The greatest frustration will probably come through the fact that you can’t really do anything against this situation, not at this point in time at least.

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