Taurus August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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It appears like your love life will be the main priority this August and you are about to stir things properly throughout the month. Be careful about temptation and even more careful about receiving a former love back in your life.

Yes, you are okay to want a summer of passion but you need to protect your feelings and even sanity, too.

Around the middle of the month some domestic challenges may keep you busy and make sure you pay the right attention to whatever is demanded of you.

Don’t even dare to run away from responsibilities because they are likely to come and bite you, no matter how well you think you can hide from them.

This is also a good time to set up a work partnership of some kind, especially if you are trying to start your own business. Keep a positive outlook, no matter how difficult things might seem and you will be blessed with resourcefulness and very useful people around you.

The stars might predispose you towards day dreaming, especially Saturn, but you can resist the temptation if you have already established your goals and are simply working towards them.

It will be very easy to be distracted this August, whether by love, new goals or different problems.

August highlights

Taurus natives take advantage of their connections in the social sphere at the start of the month but may need to be careful because someone in the shadows might be plotting against their quest to be at the center of attention.

The first week of the month might bring some unexpected tensions between you and a family member and there are some chances that the others will stick to their side. Needless to say you will feel quite isolated.

But you just be patient because from the 10th onwards the skies will clear and no more communication issues should surface, for the rest of the month.

You can also sleep peacefully regarding an issue that has been troubling you back in July and which seems to be almost resolved this month.

Some natives may face some power struggles with either a sibling, a friend or a close colleague. This might all start from envy but it will be very difficult to pin point what and when things have gone wrong.

Allocate more time than usual for rest during the second half of August and you will find that you will feel much better, not only physically but also mentally.

Around the 25th, you are expansive and friendly and this will probably attract some very special friends by your side. Make use of your creativity reserves around this time.

Taurus love horoscope for August 2019

August is going to be the month when some issues related to the relations Taurus have become clearer, a situation is perhaps settled, the point is put on something.

You are going to be rather straightforward about your wants and needs and will express these straight away, without taking any detours. This might put a bit of a strain on some well-established relations but this is not to say that things are too complicated.

Around the 15th, the stars might give you the courage to take a decisive step or to push forward in a thrilling situation, but maybe as well to precipitate things or push you into a hasty or imprudent gesture.

But the second half of August is sure to bring some peace of mind and positive developments although some short-lived inconveniences may still make themselves felt, especially if you have a habit of disagreeing with your loved one just for the sake of it.

The second part of August could reinforce the sedentary predispositions of the Taurus sign. It would not hurt to make an effort and move more, preferably outdoors, into nature, with your loved one.

Career progress this month

From a professional perspective, it seems like this August will be under the tricky auspices of Uranus, which is also a governor of your tenth house, that of professional advancement and reputation.

Throughout the month, there will be several occasions in which you will be invited to reconsider your long-term professional projects, but also to weigh out if what you are doing now truly represents you as a person and puts you in the spotlight.

Around the 14th, you are going to be a lot more sensible than usual to the way you are perceived by others and will invest quite a lot of time and effort into your image.

Those who are looking for a new job might find themselves rekindling an old hobby of theirs, a passion that they might now be able to transform into a fruitful occupation.

Many Taurus natives may start thinking seriously about starting a business on their own or reprofiling them, so it would be good to start carefully planning the steps to follow.

If you want to progress in your current job, be sure that the Full Moon occurring on the 15th will help you reach new peaks in your career, with direct financial consequences as well.

But even if a sum of money might come into your life, you are advised not to rush things, especially because you might end up in a risky and unprofitable financial position.

Avoid any kind of financial speculation, at least until the 24th, when clouds might clear up for you and new opportunities might arrive for that money that you are not sure what to do with.

Health and wellbeing

This August, your expectations of yourself are quite high and you might find that you don’t have enough patience with yourself. With your friends, there are high chances to have a great time but still reasons to persevere and try even other activities.

Be careful with your health around the 20th of the month, especially if you are being involved in any kind of strenuous physical activities.

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