Taurus December 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-11-22, 8330 views

Money – to own or to owe, this is the question in the Taurus December monthly horoscope. The first half of the month keeps you busy with financial issues. Their magnitude depends on various aspects as shown through tense aspects influencing your eighth astrological house.

I would say a few elements matter there. It’s about legality, ethics, planning and even about anticipation. Also it’s about partnership and financial results expectations.

High expectations

Any eventual side-slip or exaggeration like, for instance, neglecting rules or personal beliefs or relying too much on a partner might show troubling consequences. Problems might be closely linked to shared money, properties, debts, assurances, inheritances.

Anyway, the stars offers you not only problems (eventually), but also the occasion to approach all these above mentioned issues from a new perspective, meaning that you can build and follow a new vision on your money and other assets. Certainly, it has to be enforceable and fit for your partnerships.

Achievements and pleasant time to spend

The end of December announces more pleasant time for your, mainly due to good relationships. Your lover, your children or even friends might be sources of satisfaction and journeys to close relatives or holidays spent in countryside (or any other slumberous place) will be perfect. Long distance trips, as well.

For those having a steady love affair, the last decade of December is the opportunity to make it official. Good aspects in this regard will continue next year, too.

But there is more to profit by at the end of the month when nice planetary aspects are to be active on Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn – signs that comfort you a lot. So, you can achieve something practical and even professional out of a special skill or talent or it is just your persistence that creates a useful outcome.

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