Taurus December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 3762 views

Achieving your real potential is on the table this December and most of what you are about to go through will centralize on this idea. Some anguish may block you at times but in the end you will probably come to some favorable conclusions.

This is also a time for you to look back, not necessary to make amends or to see things in a different light but to try and quantify what you have gone through and that you can manage a lot more challenges than you think of.

Some lessons might appear too harsh but try not to take everything personally, there are some things that go beyond what you think you are experiencing now.

You are very pretentious as well this month and you only expect the best from those around. When it comes to practicalities, you will probably find it easier to explain what you want. Beware of those moments where you just sound very misunderstood and others will interpret it as arrogance and lack of manners.

Working hard

Don’t expect too much holiday magic during the first few days of the month because you will be quite busy. Some natives will feel the exhaustion building up and this will in turn bring a lot more frustration in the game.

But most of you have serious reasons to get all this work done, either that you are traveling later on, that you want to focus on family time when needed or simply because you want the financial incentive.

Remember what you are fighting for when you’ve had enough during those long hours. The good news is that most of the family members around you will support your initiative.

Some natives will have to travel during this time and need to be careful what means of transportation they choose, especially during bad weather.

A different dynamic

There is some more good news in regards to the dynamic in the work place because a lot of your colleagues and even superiors will appreciate you for your resilience. It is not really one of those moments in the spotlight but you might be able to take advantage of this later on, perhaps the next year.

Don’t gossip and don’t get yourself involved in any office drama, no matter how attractive that may be because this will destroy the early discussed aura of the serious and hardworking employee.

Most likely, your friends will try to force this and might make you feel as if you are not doing the right thing. Perhaps they will tell you all about life work balance and how you lack it entirely.

Look at their motives because although they have never betrayed you on purpose, everyone has their own interest to say certain things, even if this is just personal frustrations coming out.

Boldness in love

Mars and Venus seem to combine in an interesting mix for you and might help you make some bold decisions in your love life. You know what you want but for some time now, you have been reluctant in asking for that.

Some favorable time will show up and most likely you will seize it. Leave any shame aside or any feelings of inadequacy.

You are on a wave and you need to ride it. At first, some words might not come right but this shouldn’t put you off.

And it seems that the current disposition also works best in other partnerships, maybe people you’ve worked with in the past. And talking about the past, during this holiday season, you need to greet the important people you know and knew.

Choosing what to do

On one hand you want to be all spiritual this holiday season while on the other, the fun is too big to be missed and you are dwelling between these two attitudes.

There is no need to do that because no one requires just one from you. There are moments in which you can meditate or spend a little time on your own and other moments in which you are allowed to play the heart of the party.

This may happen because you are too concerned about what others may think of you and forget why you are actually there, to enjoy yourself and spend some quality time. You will be surprised to discover that everyone has a similar agenda.

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