Taurus December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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December is likely to be a month of passionate upheaval due to the aspects formed by Neptune, Mars and Venus, not to mention the latter opposing your sign. Due to all of these, you will feel more drawn to speaking your mind at moments that are completely inappropriate and this will likely generate some conflicts.

There may be some confusions this month as to what the expectations of those around are from you but because you are as harsh as mentioned earlier, you are not going to dwell in this confusion too much and will seek clarifications all the time.

Don’t worry too much about this tense disposition in which the days will go by because you also have the chance to be quite productive in many aspects of life.

With Jupiter being favourably aspected by Neptune, you will come up with great ideas for the New Year and, surprisingly, you will not fear uncertainty as much as you would expect.

December highlights

The place of partnerships and spiritual enlightenment will be of main interest especially during the first week of December despite some tensions that may also surface at that time. It seems that you have greater chances to associate with like-minded people during this period.

You really are taking advantage of your charm to recapture the interest of those close and attract the attention of new people. Your negotiation skills may also surprise, along with the diplomacy you are capable of showing when trying to obtain something.

Your optimism will remain even under the vibrations of the new Moon occurring on the 7th, that may also surface some darker sides of your thoughts. You will tend to be more nervous around this date and take a lot of things personally.

The Sun Uranus trine on the 20th will provoke your adventure spirit and will stir your emotions but there are also some benefits to draw from this, especially in an important friendship in your life.

The Mercury square Neptune aspect debuting on the 23rd may bring some confusion in thoughts and decisions you have previously considered straightforward and you might find it a little difficult to follow instructions.

Love life this month

Whilst at the start of the month things might appear to be rather low key, don’t worry because the passion will escalate as the days go by. This is a great month to redefine priorities in the relationship and use your time to just relax next to your loved one.

Did you know that most couple break up after the holidays? Perhaps this is the test you have been waiting for, one to make it or break it forever.

Single natives will finally gather the courage to make a move, even if they might feel that they are going to be judged. At the end, they will be the ones to proclaim it had all been worth it.

Whilst Mercury is in retrograde, although communications are not most advised, you will actually find yourself gaining this romantic clarity of mind and will be able to pin point some things that have been kept hidden in your soul for quite a long time.

Towards the end of the month Venus will become more active for you, thus more chances to be romantic around the holidays.

Career aspects in December

Things are looking pretty well for you from a financial point of view but you are also working very hard to keep things balanced. Take some time off and try to delegate your activities or else you risk becoming overwhelmed by everything that is on your head.

Natives who are doing business on their own might consider taking up a partner, but they will be very reluctant in trusting someone else with their work. Be wary of any promises of people you are working with.

Collaborations are great but so is independent working and it seems that just before the holidays, there will be a one-week slot in which you will be very creative and also capable of focusing for extended periods of time.

Health and wellbeing

You appear to be taking everything with pride and optimism this December, so we shouldn’t worry much about you. Furthermore, there may be some episodes where you will even attempt to get out of your comfort zone and you will move faster than you are used to.

Some natives may be forced by circumstances to be more careful about their health and of course, given that the holidays are close, you will need to be careful not to succumb to too many temptations and make any unhealthy excesses.

Use your intuition to be more in tune with what your body needs during this period and be careful about the effects of the cold on your body.

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