Taurus December 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Although at work, the Taurus can expect a positive period in December, when it comes to personal life, things might become a little difficult. You will have to make an important decision.

Whatever your decision, you can rely on family support. Your holidays will take place in a safe and peaceful environment.

Lots of bumps in the partnership plan in the first part of the month. It is a period in which old collaborations can be completed, the terms and conditions for developing collaborations or life partnerships can be changed.

The partnership background is conflicting, so be careful. There are good chances to clear old animosities.

The financial segment brings to your attention the common expenses with others, but also the inheritance and the personal or professional shares.

Pay maximum attention to this segment and reduce expenses. It is useful to receive rewards and gifts.

Between the 10th and 30th of December, irregularities may appear in financial documents, unfinished expenses in the past and heated discussions on heritage issues. Prudence, discernment, patience!

Travel is supported in the first part of the month, especially abroad. It opens a new stage related to all things foreign, long-term courses, travel.

December highlights

On the 2nd, Jupiter's entry into Capricorn begins a period in which you can accumulate a lot of life, but also professional experience. From the 8th onwards, you are in discussions with business partners, collaborators and clients about the opportunity of investments made from common resources.

At the middle of the month, it is a good time to conduct negotiations in order to establish partnerships or collaborations.

From 20th onwards, there is a period when you get along better than usual with your superiors and your opinions have weight.

From the 29th on, it's a good time to go on vacation. During or around 30, you may be in the best state of mind this month, a sign that you are in a festive mood and ready to finish with the year. Now is the time to make your resolutions for 2020.

Taurus love horoscope for December 2019

You have a warm and passionate love month ahead of you, a month of exceptional meetings, reconciliation, high hopes and great adventures.

There is a change of intimacy, an increase of co-dependence in relationships, of the need for a deep approach to the loved one, often until suffocation.

Jupiter, the planet that governs the eight house of intimacy begins its transit in the ninth house, that of life mentality and broadening horizons.

Therefore, the relationship in which you are already involved or just starting out, stimulates you to evolve.

For the single natives a sudden passion can be born for a person from abroad or from another culture, a person you can work with or have worked with before.

Overall, this December induces a desire for affection and foresees very pleasant moments in the couple, the feeling that you are going together in the same direction, which it gives you that much-desired feeling of safety and security.

Career and finance progress this month

Surprisingly enough, whilst everyone is focused on the holidays, for you is the time to make the changes you want in the professional field. If you want to organize work or make changes to the project you are working on, do it now.

You will be heard and you will be respected and your true value recognized. It is also a favourable period for interviews and oral exams.

If you have to make a purchase that begs the question of negotiation, now is the time to negotiate. Even if you are not really into money, at least establish the understanding. Sign a contract, give an advance and make sure you take advantage of the conditions established now.

Health and wellbeing

This December starts on a good note for people in Taurus, and their level of health and energy will be quite good. This would be a good time to take up sports and give up unhealthy habits. These changes will have good consequences in your life in the long run.

Around the second half of the month, you will experience a decrease in your energy level and your morale will be tested. Keep your emotions under control and you will see that the level of health will return in a few months.

Relax occasionally and spiritually. The mental part also needs constant activity and certain spiritual activities can help you to improve your condition.

Let your confidence level increase and eliminate stress and fatigue from your life.

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