Taurus December 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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This is a month in which you’re not rushing ahead of your time in the direction that’s not even your own. This means that you’re using your head to think twice and apply what you have learned from your past mistakes.

You’re rather melancholic until the 15th, with your mood improving starting with the 3rd week. Since the 18th, you are playful and dynamic, enjoying the holidays. Until the year’s end, you will have your astral sky being clearer than ever, meaning that the period is going to be harmonious.

At home, you will multiply little attentions and make small gifts. Around the 13th, trips will be possible, and some of your new projects will meet their fruition, so expect the year’s end to be busy.

From a financial point of view, difficulties will be frozen, so you can spend as much as you want. Until January next year, the stars are going to protect your pockets.

December 2022 Highlights

2022 will be finished as it has started. For now, there will be no risk for you if you’re downplaying your family and domestic matters so that your attention is focused on profession. Things will be moving frankly when it comes to this.

A change in your company’s hierarchy and management will seem to be imminent. There will also be important power struggles for the month, meaning that the constraint of the competitiveness will increase. There will be new technologies threatening to make changes in your business or company. Just try as much as possible to remain relaxed and to rest until the 23rd.

Most planets will be continuing in the Bull’s Western sector and the same sign’s 7th House of social activities and love. While you have some self-confidence regained, you need to stay away from power struggles as much as you can.

What’s important now is not who’s being right, if you are or not, but how you efficiently use your energy. Since you have struggled enough in your profession already, there’s no need for you to add more to the social activities that you’re enterprising.

Until the 22nd, your 8th House will be very powerful, giving you the best time to pay off debts, negotiate terms of better payment, reducing costs, and wasting less. You should as well break off any addiction, be it this of character or substance.

This is a time period in which your love life is going to go perfectly. In case you happen to be single, there will be many opportunities coming your way. Love will find you while you will be trying to bring prosperity to others, to no longer hold on to the many possessions that you have, and to indulge in your psychic and spiritual interests.

In case you happen to be married, then this time period will bring plenty of harmony in the couple. Single Bulls will get to meet their love with the help of their family and friends of the family. Finances will be strong for the entire month.

The money will come from helping others to prosper. It will be important that you allow others to make money before you make some for yourself. You will have money coming from your partner, cutting down on costs, and seeing the situations of transformation that others aren’t seeing, like for example, from a property or company that’s about to end up being profitable, or maybe from something that needs fixing.

Money might also come from collecting debt, patenting rights, insurance, or trust funds. Your 9th House will acquire more power after December 22nd. You will be interested in traveling to other countries, which might also happen, as there will be good planetary aspects as far as traveling goes.

Perhaps your entire family will go on vacation to an exotic place. There will be all sorts of education opportunities being presented, so you need to use them wisely. You will also be religiously inspired to acquire more knowledge.

Taurus Love Horoscope for December

The moment will be magical, as you will do what’s in your power to keep confrontations away. You will be aware of your love life’s hostile climate and how this is not benefiting your love life at all. You will make some efforts and so, you will pay attention to those people who happen to be in your life.

If you want your partner to have a good life, then you must make some efforts in this direction as well, as your touches here and there will be heart-warming. The relationship will have agreement being benevolent, so you could not have dreamed of anything better for the year’s end.

If you want to get along well with your partner, then don’t go to family meals and enjoy Christmas next to your partner. The year’s end is not good for new encounters, and you won’t want them in particular either, as you will focus on other things.

You won’t want to give your love to any relationship for the time being. In general, the economy will be good, so you will be able to focus on your projects at a personal level. You will find that your companions are your perfect allies, when going through some rough patches in terms of relationships and love.

These people will be the support and guidance you need, as well as very generous. Your relationship that involves affection is going to be affirmed between being in love and getting married, but at least you will still be able to take pleasure in the everyday life.

Single Tauruses, in the meantime, are going to be endorsed by Cupid. And Cupid will bring them all sorts of surprises and new relationships. They will come across the person they dream about when and where they will least expect it, so they won’t be alone anymore.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Saturn being present in the Bull’s work area will have those working in some sort of companies being forced to remain patient. As intolerance and nervousness will both be common for them during this time period, they should take a break and go into vacation.

Those working independently, the more they will move cunningly and with caution, the more they will progress in business, and especially until the 10th of the month. They will be connecting with those who are helping them evolve from a material point of view, meaning they will need to take advantage of these contacts they have.

For most of its part, December will be a positive month when it comes to the economic situation. The North Node being present in the 2nd House of Taurus, is promoting actions that are looking for the achievement of financial objectives and being materially secure.

Mercury starting with the 1st of December and until the 20th, is pointing out to strategies, plans, as well as conversations about business with someone. In this direction, the Sun is inviting the natives to analyze what different alternatives are being presented to them. They will have to close payments and increase their shared patrimony as much as they can and ASAP.

In the same manner, Venus will encourage acquiring real estate, saving funds, and properties. This will also be part of the patrimony that’s being shared. It doesn’t matter how brief the month is going to present itself, it will still have a lot to spread, as you’re going to fulfil your wishes.

You will benefit from transcendental teachings and some of the earthly knowledge that’s coming your way, those teaching that not even the most experienced travellers won’t know.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Health control will be on the watch for this time period. Anger that has been contained is going to affect the throat, which is vulnerable for the Taurus. In the same manner, secretory areas will be affected. The intestine is going to be the most affected.

In case the discomfort is going to be persisting, then visit the doctor, as he or she will tell you what you need to do next. If you do yoga or relax, then the calm you will need to regain will be reinstated. It can be said the same for taking morning walks, which are also relaxing.

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