Taurus February 2016 Horoscope

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Distance will be a continuous concern for Taurus in February, either that we are talking about physical distance, and will elaborate on who they are missing and what they are doing in order to prevent this, or that we are talking about a perceived emotional cold from exactly the person they least expected.

Although you might be used with travel you will actually feel a lot more distanced this time and several worries will flood you at a moment’s notice.

Whether you are turning jealous or all of a sudden feel you can’t confide in your significant other, this will give you a hard time if you don’t take these emotions.

Confide in prudence

Chances are that when you’re back home to understand this has meant nothing and everything returns back where you’ve left it from.

Jupiter will also help you in this regard bringing a dollop of passion more into your life and teaching you a thing of two about conquering even more than you already have.

But Jupiter will also bring a lot of impulsivity and a tendency to forget even what you’ve promised and to just follow your interest.

Remember about decency and prudence every time you do something new or get overly excited about something.

Change your means

Work might be busy for a while with occasions for new contracts or something similar, in any way keeping you posted with new information and allowing you to test your abilities in an open field full of competition.

Those natives who own their own businesses or are freelancing are going to be the most stressed because of all this agitation.

Towards the middle of the month your tongue seems to free itself from norms and what you consider as things you need to censor and you will feel a lot more at ease.

This will not only reflect on your mood but also on how those around you perceive you.

So do enjoy those moments when you will be charming without any effort and bask into this sunshine of popularity.

Not long after you will sense that some of those free and witty words are actually coming back to bite you. But it will only be in respect of relationships with people that are quick to criticize you no matter what.

A bit of soul searching

A bit of introspection hasn’t done anyone harm but you might need to create a quiet environment around you before you can successfully do that.

Don’t fool yourself into believing you are in a good relationship with yourself just if you speak to yourself a lot. Create a peaceful setting and allow yourself a designated period of time for this.

In order to succeed with a bit of meditation you might find yourself also battling some newly found social wishes, most likely brought it my Mercury, and which are now hunting you and promoting a more laid back attitude towards yourself and more interest towards others.

Although it won’t bring you inner peace and might even set you in the middle of some discussions you wouldn’t have wanted to attend in the first place, this disposition will help you in the office especially. People will listen to what you have to say although you are not extremely coherent or convincing. There will probably be something about you that is endearing and that entices others.

Who surrounds you

The Moon on the 22nd will bring a boost of creativity into your life and will help you pursue your goals in a different way, not paying as much attention to what can and what can’t be done but rather going with the flow and taking each road block at a time.

Beware of interpretations though and try to get as much information as possible before making a verdict, especially in personal matters because otherwise you will prove unfair to people dear to you for no real reason.

And if this happens, although you will be left believing things are forgotten and that they moved past this, at the first sign of weakness you will probably hear about this fall out again.

If you have surrounded yourself by people of quality who are similar to you, then you shouldn’t have any reasons to doubt them.

Talking about emotions

Another advice for you is to not expect more from others than what you are giving yourself. February might be a time of financial gain for those who work hard but might also mean some spiritual loses if you don’t keep yourself in balance.

As the end of the month approaches you will notice that you can express your feelings better so you will probably have the chance to talk with your partner with all the cards on the table and actually have an honest display of emotions. It might even help you clarify what has been going on at the beginning of the month.

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