Taurus February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 3764 views

Differences are going to be the more obvious this February but when you care about something or someone enough, you are sure going to show how creative and determined you actually are, underneath all that calm.

And talking about being calm, you might actually be misinterpreted as extremely cold this month, especially if you don’t react at the whole Valentine’s Day thing. But of course, we can’t really force it so you are either in it or out entirely.

The best part about how the stars are looking now for you, relates to the entanglement between your love life and work life and although it might seem as something very hard to control, you manage it just fine.

The unexpected

There may be some moments when you are on the verge of a scandal or will disappoint your partner by not showing up somewhere you promised you will be, but all these will pass and be forgotten sooner than you would expect.

Mercury shows you that there are quicker paths to achieving some things you want, especially in your relationship. There will be a lot of days in which you will be more interested in the physical part than in anything else.

This is a good period in terms of money but you will also stress enough for them. Luckily, no signs of burnout, probably attributed to the relaxation you are seeking, and getting, at home.

There will also be matters of urgency that you will need to address, some related to family and some that might even wake you up in the middle of the night or prevent you from doing something you long wanted to do.

Keeping in touch

What you also need to remember from this February, is a lesson about the fact that in some life situation, there is not really a best time and you shouldn’t be disappointed if you missed some kind of opening.

Occasions won’t repeat themselves on the short term but life will have a way of showing you that there is nothing to worry about in that particular direction.

Some colleagues at work may seem like they are over performing and this will put a lot more pressure on you than any deadline you might have going on. Discuss your plans with others and don’t try to hide. Not everyone is following your steps and trying to steal your ideas, so try not to be paranoid about this. Delegate, if someone is notably better at something than you are, it is time to leave the control issues aside.

Trust is easily gained but not kept. It may be that some people appear a lot more reliable in the first instance and then you realize, that although, they might be, it is not to the extent you have been expecting.

Staying on top

There will be some delicate days for your health around the 20th, but nothing to the extent that you should have others worrying about you.

On the other hand, some natives might decide to take advantage of this situation and play the victim for a bit. It may be that they have some kind of debt to pay to those people and they are using a subversive method to get back at them.

Financially speaking, you are meeting your objectives and something on top of it but this doesn’t mean you can splurge. There may be some pressure from your partner or children, if any, but again, you are most likely capable to resist that, this if you want to.

In some cases, it might even be better to be discreet about some earnings, and although they are most likely going in the joint account, try to keep any extras safe.

Your emotions

There may also be some questions regarding how happy you are with yourself and these thoughts are almost likely going to be triggered by someone in your circle of friends.

They might be talking about work life balance and boasting about how good they are at this, or something similar. This will make you feel quite inadequate and start doubting whether your efforts are really going in the right direction.

Staying at home is a lot more comfortable than going out, but again, despite the weather or any aversions you might have towards some people, it is best to place yourself out there, at least for the sake of finding out new things and taking a breath of fresh air.

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