Taurus February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 9111 views

February is not going to be a peaceful month, so it will be interesting to see how you try to prepare for the unpredictable. The good news is that there will be positive revelations and changes, not only tumultuous, difficult experiences.

Your health and energy levels will be on the up, something which is always encouraging and it seems that you will mostly be attracted to healthy habits and possibly exercise more.

The beauty in anything

An aspect of contradictions between the image we bring forward and what we actually feel on the inside, will surface during the Venus square Jupiter transit. between the need to keep everyone close and the superficial behavior that keeps everything at bay.

With Venus entering Pisces on Sunday, the 11th, you are sure going to feel some romantic vibes around, whether or not you are trying to resist them.

Some natives may actually try to remain focused on the practical aspects of their lives, especially if some work or study deadlines are looming over them. Venus, the universal symbol of love, feminine energy and unconditional love will flourish in the company of Pisces, the sign of intuition and wisdom.

Aside from the inclination to put your love life on top of anything else, there may also be a tendency towards the beautiful arts and anything of a special aesthetic.

You against them

A new Moon, just like this one that takes place in Aquarius on 15 February, is a time of re-birth, of erasing past issues and of moving ahead all fresh. You should channel positive energy in your life with your birthstone and with the power of your beneficial color.

You might also want to give your emotions a well-deserved break, perhaps by focusing on projects at work and on practical matters at home.

Combines with the partial solar eclipse, this seems to be the best time to learn about people around you or study a concept.

With the new Mood in a sign that is rather solitary and always in a fight for justice and wellbeing of the many, you may feel alone against the world, but this will likely only be an emotional reaction, perhaps your way of protecting yourself against challenges posed by human interactions.

The perfect image

Unfortunately, there will also be wasted energies, during the second half of February as Mars is squaring Neptune and your desire for action will be prevented from materializing, perhaps by you letting yourself carried away by dreams and exaggerated expectations.

It will be very easy to glamorize behavior that is exciting, different and even harboring the edge of the law. Whilst you may not end up putting anything dangerous in practice, your mind will surely make all sort of scenarios about this.

You will fear being rejected, even if there is no situation of this kind in sight. You are trying to build up an attractive story about yourself, one that fits with your internal belief of how you would like to be perceived.


For the last couple of days of February, you will be under the influence of Venus squaring Mars, with effects that go well beyond deep desires, relationship tensions and external temptations.

Your eyes may wander but your mind knows exactly what it wants. Tempers may boil because you are not willing to take no for an answer or make any compromises.

On the other hand, you don’t want to produce any suffering so will keep your temper in check. You will now show aggressiveness but you will not be positive and understanding either.

You may find it easier and more relaxing to spend time with friends or team-mates rather than your partner. At the same time, you may also end up feeling guilty about your choices and enter a vicious circle about this.

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