Taurus February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Out with the old, in with the new this February or at least this should be the rule if you remain open enough to the different chances that the stars are putting in front of you.

Perhaps it is time to shake your entourage a bit and make new friends or even start a relationship. But if the prospects of something completely new might be daunting, be sure that there will also be little things you can try this month, without too much commitment required.

As the planets look for you, it seems that work related aspects will be dominating this month and your family plan will come second, perhaps you might even end up avoiding spending too much time with your loved ones.

On a personal level, Taureans will find that they have great strength and independence, so they will not need others to carry out their plans.

Keep in mind the following

The first week of February is the best time for personal expansion through your ideas, interests and relationships.

Avoid falling into excesses and false hopes, and everything will be positive and you will be pleased with your results.

Mars appears to be stimulating you to take the lead and make some decisions. You won’t certainly leave moments to pass and you will be keen to show others your brand new initiatives.

Especially around the 7th, take advantage of all the experiences you have and open your senses and your mind to the many opportunities and situations that life offers you.

Towards the middle of the month one of your friends might come to you with something that will enrich you enormously and consolidate your character.

Perhaps a little bit of fighting off temptations might also be required but you have what it takes within yourself.

The financial rewards and income you will be receiving during the second half of the month will feel more important than usual to you. This means that, despite all your cravings, you are less likely to indulge and more likely to save a bit for the rainy days.

Venus in your ninth house might get you to feel a little nostalgic about travel so you might end up booking something for you and someone dear.

Some natives might look into conferences and other work occasions that require travel, in order to combine the two and, why not say it, perhaps get someone else to pay for their travel.

The transit of the Sun in your eleventh house will promote your social life and will encourage you to release any unspent tensions and have fun with your friends, especially towards the end of the month.

Taurus love horoscope for February

Your romantic ambitious are rather big this month dear Bull and it will be very interesting how you will manage to achieve them.

Some may aspire to change their relationship whilst others will try to put themselves in a better light, whether to love interests, new partners or old ones.

There will be no thought about settling and accepting less than the best in all love related aspects and you should accept that this will also put some undue pressure on you.

Count on Venus’ transit to encourage you when you are feeling down and on Jupiter to sharpen your desires. There will be a need to share beautiful moments with the chosen ones of your heart so your social media posts might increase, again, in a bid to show how exciting your life is.

Around the 19th you might get the chance to spend time with a very special person and you will really be able to open up in their company.

Taureans in a couple are prone to great declarations of love but in some cases this will only remain at the stage of simple words and not really be followed by real actions.

In the case of the single natives, especially at the middle of the month (perhaps related to the dreaded Valentine’s Day, there will be a tendency to dream with the eyes open and create some extraordinary expectations, ultimately, losing sight of what really matters.

But the underlying note of the month will remain one of seduction and fun so you should embrace this vibe.

Money and career highlights

Given the auspicious aspects of the month, there may be some chances of additional income coming your way, perhaps something that has been in pending for a while.

Some natives might then be looking to invest the money and some might consider starting a business. The former idea is of course, not without its risks but might be easier to initiate this month.

Most natives will have abandoned the January blues by now so there are chances of better work and definitely a better mood in the office. This might lead to more ambitions and even some competition.

You will be likely to stick to a calm and composed attitude, especially during the first half of February, but as the month progresses, you may end up interested in showing your powers too so may become rather fierce.

As the month nears its end, some might find themselves in some kind of mediating position, trying to bring together two sides that may have been in a conflict. This might also surface some very interesting skills that these Taureans didn’t even know they had.

Your health this February

Your health may have given you a bit of a warning last month and hopefully you have listened to that and improved your habits.

This is going to be a quiet period but this is not to say that you are completely off the hook. You should start incorporating some walks in your daily habits.

You might find that, beyond the health benefits, this helps you clear your mind and even catch up with those close to you. This is you manage to convince them to join you.

Enjoy the break from any major nuisances but be careful about what you do because there might be more pain in the future if you ignore anything during this period.

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