Taurus February 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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Your highest ideals and hopes are in the spotlight this month and the anxiety to change direction in your life is settling. Restrictions on home life may be easier at this time, but your desire for change is somehow reduced by your responsibilities at home.

The volume of work in the workplace seems to continue in a very crowded way, and this presents you with a lot of restrictions. However, these are self-imposed restrictions - a readjustment should be required, as this may bring you many feelings of instability.

February highlights

It's a good month for you and the one next to you. You are animated by a strong sense of love and trust, which makes you plan all kinds of great plans and be very confident in the future.

If you do not have a partner yet, this month is clearly one of the most important from the sentimental point of view and the desire to take the step. It is natural how you feel and maybe even that relationship that you dreamed about for a long time, however, it would be good to be cautious when making decisions.

Such a decision is not taken too often and, if you see yourself approaching the unique moment, be mindful. Although it is easy to fall in love, to make statements and promises, remember that marriage is both fulfillment and restraint, in terms of the freedoms you now have.

Love as much as you want, but do not rush when it comes to decisions, because as your sign is, you do not want to come to later tensions and annoyances.

Your attitude towards career is known, the more freedom the better. It's exciting and exciting to make career decisions yourself and to have absolute freedom, but there is a risk that you must not skip. You may not have the power, at some point, to take them all.

You need to think about help, but especially to share responsibilities. Although you will do things as the greatest says, not as you want, to know that it is not impossible, but even simpler.

It's time to design yourself in the future, set your goals, draw them on your map and run for their accomplishment.

Taurus love horoscope for February 2020

In February, Taurus lovers are advised to review their affective life, romantic relationships and romantic activity lately. This month you are urged to communicate openly on a love level if you wish for any advances.

Mercury, which is the planet that governs your love area will transit the eleventh house (that of friendships and social life) from the 3rd and will then retrograde on the 17th.

You may wonder what this means for you, so listen up: It’s time to look seriously in the mirror and open up about your needs and expectations.

Many Bulls cannot decide whether they want a certain relationship to remain in the platonic sphere or to give it another course; or maybe they have difficulty understanding what others are feeling.

After the 17th, you run the risk of misinterpreting the messages that a friend or colleague sends you, and to repeat with your heart before and with the hope that it will nourish romantic feelings for you. But it can also be the reverse situation.

Be open about what you feel about the people you care about or who you think would be interested. Don’t be afraid to ask questions straight away rather than dwell in making all sort of scenarios in your head.

If you are already part of an older relationship, you tend to expect it to align with such high ideals that are probably impossible.

Professional life and money

The month of February brings you a lot of determination and perseverance. And these will be quickly noticed in the workplace.

You will certainly not lack motivation this month, so after you overcome the problems from last month, you will resume your work rhythm. No more procrastinating please if you don’t wish to end up in the same situation.

Make sure you spend some of your free time with family and friends because your absence might be misinterpreted by the people around you.

In terms of money and social life, the next month does not bring good news. Taurus will need family support and guidance in the money investment area as well as for making the right choice professionally, a choice that could lead to an income increase.

Some natives who may be at the beginning of the journey, may ask around for money to start their business or for the consolidation and development of an existing business.

Health and wellbeing

With Venus’ transit through your twelfth house, Venus being your governor of health, it’s a good idea to take your time and rest this February.

Set aside time for activities that will keep you relaxed, that can offer some stability and reassurance. Certain issues related to the professional plan or a partnership may make you obsessive, so it is imperative to find a way to detach yourself from them.

Also, it would be advisable not to ignore the accumulated frustrations and negative emotions, but to try to get rid of them by exercising or meditating.

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