Taurus Horoscope 2019: Key Yearly Predictions

By Denise on 2018-04-23, 20172 views

This year, the Taurus native has a great potential overall, but he needs a push, an impetus to really get him going. A good incentive would be setting up an objective from the get-go, so that he can focus more.

The planets have aligned and are shining down upon you, bringing a touch of nuance color in your life. More determined and persistent than ever before, as a resilient Taurus native, you are well-prepared for what awaits you in the new year.

To the highly pragmatic and strict Taurus, Uranus offers a blend of creativity and intellectual acuity that will work wonders when confronted with critical situations. Of course, the opposite is also true when Saturn enters Capricorn, and suddenly it all comes back to ambition, high-strung perseverance and a great deal of boldness.

You put your whole trust in the fact that nothing can shake the utter confidence and self-awareness that took you as far as it did. Some may call it luck, some may call it coincidence, but it’s all on you, and that’s a fact.

With grit and a willful attitude, you seek to take control of the situation in order to solve any issues that were to appear in your family and social circle. Moreover, it is now the time to get to work and put your plans into action and make others see the potential of your ideas. Because they do have potential.


TOP TIP of the year: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? It is twice as true for Taureans, due to their innate ambition and realism which ensures their continuous ascension. Work hard and you will be rewarded, one way or the other. It may be a good time to make that trip you’ve been planning for so long!

Unfortunately, where there are good things, there ought to be bad things as well. Uranus steps in front and this does not bode well for Taureans. They become impulsive and don’t pay as much attention as it would be necessary, which complicates things.

Stressful situations may destroy your zen state if a lot of them pile up. This, in turn affects the way you look at things and make decisions. So, it’s better to just find a few moments to regain your composure and renew yourself.

For the Taurus native, this year will be one to be remembered. Chances are they won’t know what to do first, and what to focus on. Opportunities for self-development and even professional advancement, are all there, ripe for the taking.

One should never settle for anything less than the highest goal, and by constantly persevering and pushing, everything is going to fall right in their hands.

Although confident in their abilities and, truth be told, with a very good reason to be so, they will have more chances to achieve something if working with other people.

Taurus love horoscope 2019

With a double influence from Jupiter and Saturn, things will get a little complicated on the emotional playground. Spontaneous changes may occur, driving you into a corner. The libido is not as strong as it once was, and that is also because of the instant switches in your emotional standing.

In this case, a Taurus native will feel the need to be supported by close ones, with compassion and understanding. Tough situations are dealt with together, and only by sharing and talking about it, will the situation mend.

Of course, there will also be periods when Cupid goes on a rampage and puts an arrow in whoever you glance at. Seductive and very passionate, no one can stand in front of you and not start fantasizing.

So, it can be said that this is a period of ups and downs on the emotional scale. What else is new? Well I’ll tell you what’s new. It’s a very good time to ask the big question, or if you’re single, you will surely feel the need to be in someone else’s dreams, so act on it.

The period which has the biggest impact on these things is in October, a result of Venus going in Capricorn.

The truly fortunate out of this whole affair are those born between the 26th and 28th of April and 4th-6th of May. They are the ones for whom love holds no secrets anymore.

Taurus career horoscope 2019

Organizing and putting your thoughts in order will be immensely helpful when aiming for the top position. Also, forget about all the useless and redundant things and focus on your dreams.

Since Mars takes its place on the horizon, Taureans are expectedly bolder and more reliant that ever before, showing that they have the material for a leader position.

All in all, both your professional advance, social standing and that essential yet elusive aspect that is luck, will be positively impacted.

Taureans won’t have to worry about any decrease in productivity or any lessening in profits, as this year will bring about many opportunities as well as material gains. If any problems were to appear, calmly and patiently approach them, and all will be good.

May and June may offer you new prospects that could prove to be exactly what you needed, while December will close the chapter with a loud bang. You will be rewarded for all the time and attention you’ve put in, for all the commitments and decisions that led you to this moment.

Taurus finances in 2019

Although it doesn’t get better from the start, as time passes, good things will come to Taurus natives. Settling old debts, getting money back, investing in a project, these and more are some of the things that await you this year.

As always, acting with confidence and patience will net the greatest profits with the least amount of effort in the least amount of time. Doesn’t that sound just perfect? Yes, it does, and it’s not only perfect, but it can even become a reality if you play your cards right.


Enhance: While all the year seems promising and with a great potential, the period between May and September is the true golden goose.

Although you probably won’t stumble upon a gold mine, it’s still a very good idea to be as productive as possible. The rewards will also be satisfactory.

And if things weren’t good enough, then find out that you still have one more chance to get rich and famous. From November to the end of the year, Taurus natives will experience one final increase in their productivity.

Taurus health & wellbeing in 2019

If they want to have a healthy constitution and be more confident, it would be a good idea to start doing some kind of exercise be it jogging, football or even martial arts. They are incredibly helpful and could keep them in top shape.

Taureans are also more liable to resort to religious beliefs and put their trust in spiritual ideas and advice. Of course, the psyche controls the physiology, and just like that, they can become healthier and deal with illnesses and other problems.

A healthy body and an even healthier mind are hard to come by, and it won’t be easy, especially at first. But given time, all the stress and pressure you’ve accumulated along endless hours spent at the office or working night shifts, will all disappear. Of course, you can speed up that process by visiting places that help relax your mind.

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