Taurus January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2535 views

Prepare yourself for some ability challenges this January as well as some effort trials and the longer you last, the better the reward and if not, at least you’ll feel good about yourself.

You are proving to be a gentle friend although you might still follow your own interests while giving that helping hand.

You’ll show empathy loads the following days but this also makes you want praise and rewards yourself. If given too much attention you will turn this into a dangerous game and you’ll increase the stake every time someone says something good. 

Not everything is about you

What I would advise you to stay away from is your own skepticism because this one will be what will hurt you most and drag your endeavors a few steps back.

Especially when it comes to group work you need to nourish happy constructive relations rather than insist on making your point no matter what.

The moment you doubt something, this is when things will start going down, take the presumption that people are not digging behind your back and in case they do, maybe not everything is directed towards you.

Chances are you’ll find yourself in the middle of a sensible situation but with no real connection to your own path. Those working with directly with people will have the hardest time discerning between what concerns them and what they need to ignore and move past.

Dreaming is not too bad

Once we’re all done with celebrations and we’re put back in place with work you will change your focus towards your love life, Mars coming home won’t let you do otherwise and you’ll just look busy while your mind is exploring definitely other territories.

This attraction will wake up some new wishes and sensations in you starting the 10th but at the same time you won’t know hot to express them properly so minor communication issues will arise.

While for those properly equipped with seriousness this is nothing to worry about, for the dreamer and romantic in you, even little disorganization in your love speech and the way you dialogue that with your romantic interest will cause dramatic bursts. You are winning though when it comes to playing with your cards on the table and no one can equal the honesty you are actually putting in.

While you prefer to be in dream land and try blind folded to discover what makes you tick, there might be some chances you will overlook, being too busy to play the argumentative card with someone close to you.

Speaking of this, you are prone this month to fits of anger caused by small details and you’ll also take one thing in mind and not give it up until you consider it is as it should be, meaning as you want it but refuse to admit.

Check consequences first

Unpleasant surprises might appear at around the middle of the month, some road blocks put out by someone you really didn’t expect but maybe you shouldn’t let this affect you too much.

It might be revenge for something you did in the past or it might be out of nowhere. Be diplomatic and use your intelligence to get past this, all with a big smile on your face and your head up.

Don’t start a fire although there is a lot of steam. You might do surprisingly well in exams or projects that involve reading between the lines and you are also a person to show up to for wise advise.

This won’t get you a career or promotion over night but will put a solid brick into that foundation. Going to the root of a problem no matter where, is what you should be doing in January.

Finding peace with yourself

Don’t forget about traveling in case you didn’t have the opportunity during the holidays but at the same time, if you have any long distance communications don’t forget to double check the time differences after the 24th.

Towards the end of the month you seem to make peace with yourself and even your love interludes are starting to wine. You also get to spend some time on your own and although at first this might get on your nerves, especially coming after the agitated times you enjoyed, it will eventually prove to be a god sent and you’ll finally start thinking about what’s next this year.

Mentally you are less agitated and manage to control anxiety, not a bad time for personal development and reflection as intuition will be back in the game but don’t go into this too deep because it will distract you from what you are supposed to do at the moment.

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