Taurus January 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-12-28, 3487 views

A pleasant atmosphere at home and a remarkable behaviour from your side this January as it seems that you are very much in tune with those around. You appear to be very helpful and supportive.

Also, you may find that you feel comfortable in the spotlight and will be all smiles. Enjoy yourself, be who you are and don’t even think about what others may have to say. You will probably be surprised by how many admirative looks you are going to receive.

Whilst everyone is thinking about new plans this beginning of year, you tend to still be very much anchored in the past year and are trying to find solutions to past problems. This will mean that you will practice a lot of problem solving this month.

Some natives will uncover some family situations that they are not very proud of, but they will be able to move away from this easily.

Where satisfaction comes from

It appears that the first week of January will bring some creative satisfactions and you are going to be very busy entertaining others. The lucky disposition you are in, means that you will be able to trial different experiences, without any major consequences attached to them.

You appear to be very kind with others and this may attract more people in your company. You will need to be careful however, because you don’t want to let others take advantage of you.

There will be moments in which you will be more determined than usual but it seems that most of your impulses revolve around the idea of gaining freedom.

Some natives may feel slightly tied down this month and will have huge lists in their minds regarding how they can break free, whether from responsibilities or from heavy relationships.

A little selfishness

It seems that around the 10th, you will need to keep in mind several aspects when making decisions. First of all, you need to be very consistent in regard to personal plans and the end point you want to reach.

Secondly, you will need to take into consideration what those around are doing and to interfere as little as possible with their goals.

No one says that it will be easy and you will probably need to ward off some egotistical tendencies of your own.

After the 15th, it seems that things are going to turn for the better in your financial life. Avoid speculations of all sorts, unless you have some spare money that you can risk. You may also require the help of a professional.

Take care of your home

During the second half of the month it seems that the stars are pushing you towards being more attentive with things you own, especially in your home. You will have a calming effect on those around and should try to centre positive energy.

It may be that some natives will want to change the air, perhaps redecorate, just to feel that there is something new happening.

Family projects and plans that involve immediate family are going to be a lot easier to navigate than usual and will probably bring harmony to everyone.

Pay attention though, we said immediate family, as it seems that egos are running high with distant relatives and you are not going to be on the same page. Perhaps you should allow for spirits to calm down after the holidays before making contact again.

Allowing yourself to be provocative

After the 24th, it seems that matters of the heart and sexuality are going to be brought in the spotlight. There may be some discussions regarding what you are expected to do.

The stars are pushing your boundaries and your behaviour seems to be more provocative than usual. You are allowed to set yourself free from limitations and behave without thinking of how you are going to be interpreted. After all, you are in a safe space.

You may also get involved in promoting an artistic endeavour, whether for yourself or for a friend and it seems that you are likely to enjoy this very much.

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