Taurus January 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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In January, Taurians should avoid investing all their energy in the career, although this might be the first temptation. Instead, you can turn your attention in another direction. For example, do something for your physique. After the holidays you spent indulging, your body really deserves it. In addition, you will also release stress.

This first month of 2019 is favorable for you from the stars’ perspective but it is up to you to act in a good way, to catch the opportunities and to put on double the effort to reach your goals.

A special aspect of the month for you occurs exactly at the start, with Mars entering Aries, your neighboring sign, meaning the year really debuts with a lot of spontaneity, courage and initiative spirit that set you in motion and open up your horizons to everything else.

You should embrace this wind of change and any life experiences that are associated with it, with an open heart.

Important to note

January begins under excellent auspices, but this could deteriorate during the second fortnight if you do not streamline things in your love life, your finances and your social relationships. It takes you to work hard, to give the best of yourself and to stabilize your advantages.

You will certainly manage to have a period of shared sensuality under a very stimulating star disposition but then some tensions and confrontations may threaten, especially socially.

The key word to escape these influences is perhaps adaptability. While you remain focused on your principles, immovable in your methods, obstinate in your exchanges, there is very little movement forward.

The worst thing is that you're going to take a battle against those inner demons that want to take you down and which, if left uncontrolled, can do you a lot of damage.

Taurus love horoscope for January

Under the auspicions of the Venus in Scorpio occurring on the 7th, the month in love seems to start off affectionately, but also under a climate that is more oriented towards work and the conquest of your personal future.

Throughout January, some natives may find an improvement in their sentimental situation. Your attitude has weighed the good situation of your love relationship, and unless your partner is also Taurus and goes through the same, it cannot be surprising that at some point you will think about throwing in the towel and accepting some things as they are.

At the end of the month, some love related tensions are likely, but with minor effects if you handle them well.

If you are in a couple, the passion of some of the January days will give rise to a more open relationship in the world and more oriented towards sincere and spontaneous exchanges. However, towards the end of the month all this frankness could have its price of jealousy and suspicion, so it will be necessary to release the load!

If you are single, be sure that the first week of the year gives you a very attractive mysterious charisma, then your feelings will take magnitude and it will be easier for you to approach and interact with others.

Take advantage of this nice hug from the stars to go out and not hesitate to meet with new people, perhaps a trip can also bring you love that you wouldn’t otherwise even dream of.

Money and career at the start of the year

In economic terms, you will be more likely to moderate your spending, and that is a very positive and favourable decision for the proper functioning of your financial and patrimonial status.

But during the third week of the month there will be the time to take advantage of some window shopping and even buy things for yourself and perhaps for your home, where it would not hurt to make a small renovation.

As for the work space, you still have many ideas in your head that sometimes are more illusions than anything else.

Forget about jumping to the void without a net, because you are very stubborn and can’t always justify why you do the things you do.

Order a little your mind and your life and keep organizing things around you because this will also help you clear your mind, especially towards the end of the month.

Your health this January

Dear old Taurus, the stars could give you good news, but they would not be really honest with you and that would not be fair for you.

From the perspective of your health, you may encounter a rather negative time this month but at least the recovery should be quick.

Despite any physical ailments and pains, it seems that you are going to keep the spirits high and will not stress very much, especially not about other aspects of your life.

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