Taurus January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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In January, you are best to focus on your persona, whether you want to change your image, physique or wish to do something for personal development.

After the holidays and perhaps after the associated drink, food and partying excesses, your body really deserves it. In addition, you will also relieve stress, through these kinds of activities.

The month of January will be one full of romance for you. If you are in a relationship, the warmth and love that you enjoy inside the couple will help you to know your partner better and to realize that he or she is the person you want to build your future with. If you are not in a relationship, now you have a great chance to meet someone interesting or perhaps change the way you view someone in your circle of friends.

January highlights

You start the month in a great mood, benefiting from the mental tonus that gives you ambition and the ability to face any challenge.

You may be faced, during the first week, with some power struggles between you and someone in the family or with your business partner.

Not long after, a revealing conversation may occur or you are about to embark on a journey that will open your perspective to other visions of where the truth of the matter is.

Around the middle of January, your social life goes up in your hierarchy of priorities. In the case of some natives, a love story between them and someone from the group of friends can debut.

It will be mostly after the middle of the month that you will “mentally” return to work and start becoming more concerned about the professional field and the working relations with other people in your field of activity.

Towards the end of January, it is best if you stay away from investments and exercise more caution in relation to your friends. Around the 26th, there is a risk of disappointment or financial damage.

Taurus love horoscope for January 2020

There is not much to say with regards to your love life this January because things will be quite steady in terms of romance and, as said, before, you will enjoy some good romantic moments.

Perhaps take this occasion to plan some travel with your significant other, especially if you have spent the holidays at home.

Some natives may end up realizing that their relationship has evolved but not necessarily for the better and some questions may arise in their minds. Perhaps this is because they are feeling lonelier than ever, despite the fact that they are in a relationship, and close to someone.

It may be that this is just an inner, transient state and things will change, especially because, this is not a month of drama or conflict in love, so things will be settled easily.

Single natives could grow fonder of someone in their group of friends or someone from a group they belong to, perhaps where they volunteer or go to church.

Towards the end of the month you are going to be a charming version of yourself, knowing exactly what to say and at what time.

Professional life this month

Work wise, you would prefer to keep partying throughout the month and it will be quite difficult to regain your focus. Those of you who will be hit hard with projects and new plans at work will have no solution but to jump straight in, whilst others, will keep procrastinating.

Just be careful not to make any real mistakes or to end up losing too much time and having to disappoint your colleagues or fall short of your targets in front of your superiors.

This month is great for new ideas and some may even find themselves trying to dip their toes into freelancing, an attempt to move away from the regular, 9 to 5 job.

Respect those who come up with advice for you, on what instruction you need, what courses to take, what to study, or who to turn to.

For the natives who feel the transformation in a beneficial way, everything they have learned so far, all the baggage of moral rules, all the science and everything they have processed in their mind and consciousness, seems to be more revealing than ever.

It is important not to resist changes either, especially if some kind of opportunity comes on your path. Stability is great, but sometimes, you just need to get away from one routine and create something new for yourself.

The stars are working hard for you to gain new responsibilities, to free yourself from restrictions or obligations and to accomplish different goals.

Health and wellbeing

Health this month could be related to the problems that arise in the career area of your life and the stress they produce for you. So the less you stress about work and the easier you take things, the better the times you are going to enjoy.

Some natives may find that the winter has weakened their immune system so vitamins, fruits and vegs should be an integral part of the daily diet.

During the second half of the month, take good care of your kidneys, drink plenty of water to hydrate and clean your body of toxins.

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