Taurus July 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-06-22, 2360 views

As the Taurus July 2015 monthly horoscope reveals, the greatest chances are in the areas of home, family or past-related ones. The first part of the month is the most fruitful in this regard as the conjunction Venus-Jupiter in Leo brings opportunities to sell or buy at a good price for you (in some cases the deal can be even spectacular), to show and receive warm love within your family, to generously forgive or be forgiven by persons with whom you’ve had conflicts in the past.

Don’t be stubborn

Nevertheless, some difficulties might appear in case you act stubbornly by refusing to “negotiate” the significance you give to your past experiences in relationships. The most acute time is probable to be at the middle of the month, when the Venus-Saturn retrograde square will occur.

The key for overpassing old bad patterns affecting your relationships seems to lie in letting go resentments.

The main issues are the communication-related ones. It’s the conflict between intellect and emotions that can affect the manner you convey your messages and make your point (or not). On the one hand, the planetary transits through Cancer during July help you bring empathy into communication and this further helps deep personal connections.

But, on the other hand, the same astrological transits can expand your emotionality and, therefore, make it hard to be expressed. In such circumstances, some natives could become cynical or moody (now joking, then misanthrope; now gabber, then obstinately quiet).

At bottom, this is all about old fears of being rejected and the mentioned eventual behaviours are just some defensive tactics. It’s useless to add that the solution is to overcome the fear and not to continue to offend people around you as, in the latest case, the only result will be to ruin some of your relationships. 

Choose your heart

Starting July 18, Venus enters Virgo for a short time for now (she will come back in October), but enough to improve your love affair or to get you one. So, keep a close look around you for a smart and decent person (eventually a prig one, too).

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