Taurus July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 3527 views

The first week of the month tends to bring the most warmth in your life and you’ll get along better with everyone. Perhaps it is because of the New Moon or the fact that everyone is a bit more relax and thinking about travel and holidays.

In any case, you will be very aware of this good disposition and might have the tendency to force things a bit, something that is completely unadvisable. Rest in your place and enjoy, this is not the moment to try and carry the boat further.

While the honey week might end when it comes to work relations, at home things remain sweet for the majority of the month and apparently you are blessed with facilitated communications with the elderly in your life.

What work will you do

Beware of any promises you make because you will be hunted to make them come true. Some issues you might have had in your relationship tend to become more transparent and you might feel more confident in expressing how you feel and what actually bothers you.

The middle of the month seems to bring good collaboration, especially when you set out precise goals and motivate people with material outcomes.

Some natives might deal with design and preparing the work places, others will have to devise new plans as to the organization of the office.

Rather stay in one place and make sure you do everything right instead of opening lots of lines of activities that you might not be able to control entirely. Other than this, perhaps you should avoid long distance travel these days or else misunderstandings are going to bitter your time.

Too comfortable maybe

The first weekend after this will be best for such endeavors although you might find that you need to remain in town for some sort of gathering. Meeting friends will make wonders for your morale but try not to miss a good night’s sleep either.

Venus seems to surprisingly guard your income in July so you won’t really be prompted to spend too much, not with your partner any way.

And with this whole comfort, another tendency towards becoming a couch potato will serve just right. Prepare the box set because some nights are going to be dedicated to this.

On the other hand, Venus is also bringing some special people in your life and although you will meet them later on, you should take advantage of this from the start and position yourself for their good side.

What to believe in?

A lot of information will come your way but most of it will probably be ignored because you will not find it very exciting. You need to let this need for instant gratification out of the picture for a while and take whatever is being given to you.

There is need to piece things together and you are required a lot of patience and observation in order to do that.

Around the 20th you are acutely sensible and tend to notice everything that goes around and also will panic at the first sign of storm. If you would have the patience to let things unravel you might actually notice that things are not as bad as they seem.

This is where you have the highest risk to raise personal road blocks and stop your mind from thinking freely. Let the worries aside for a second, especially in matters that are in no way of life and death.

Changing appetite

Also, try to separate the activities you do with your family with those that concern you personally. A good time for investment but don’t put all your eggs in just one basket.

You will find it easier to discuss with people of more expertise than you and actually steal some secrets from them but at the same time you ought to go past this and try some things on your own.

This might open the appetite for risky movements in the last week of the month.

And you are not even chasing money but more like status and recognition. You kind of set into your mind to do something grandiose and to do it fast and this is what you will be working at.

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