Taurus July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-06-24, 4690 views

Whatever wish you keep dear to your heart and express in a gentle manner, may end up becoming true this July, even though there may be some opposition along the way, perhaps even from people close to you.

This middle of the summer is great for activities like meditation and for understanding how to remain calm when under pressure.

Luckily, you are not going to be very pressured, especially not with work, but this is not to say that some personal development will not serve you good.

You may feel some restrictions coming from your family but in some cases, through a little bit of communication, you will be able to shed light on the matter at hand.

You appear to be very respectful and full of courtesy at times, even if this is not in your favour and even if this means that you are sort of accepting a form of emotional abuse that is directed at you.

During the second half of the month you will feel very close to your domestic space and those who are yet to be fully independent, will long for this above anything else.

There are tendencies to indulge and spend a lot of money on decorations and changes around the house, just to make yourself feel better.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury opposite Mars aspect debuting on the 5th will bring an influx of competition in your life and quite a few arguments may hamper your progress in personal relationship.

Let’s not forget about expansions

Many of the aspects that are going to influence you this July have a strong social component to them but don’t worry, you are likely to enjoy most of these.

So let’s start off with the friendly and exciting Sun trine Jupiter occurring on the 3rd, an aspect that will bring enthusiasm and self confidence in your life and will relief some of the pressures you may have been feeling on you, during June.

This is an aspect that is known to bring small personal opportunities, especially in the spiritual sphere. However, material growth is not to be overlooked either.

You will have quite a few days in which you will be rather content with yourself and it’s great because on the 8th, it appears that the Sun forms another trine, this time with Neptune, an aspect that is moving away from the fun and more into the emotional stuff.


Enhance! You should feel free to show your emotions uncensored this July, even if at time, you may face some raised eyebrows or even criticism. It’s a good time to feel comfortable in your own skin, no matter what.

On this occasion, you are going to be more interested in manifesting your emotions and pursuing your goals, all at the same time as keeping an eye on those dear to you.

There is a great need for comfort these days, and a lot of it will simply be fulfilled by casual time spent with those dear to you.

A good moment to return to faith and to understand what your life wishes really are, especially because you are also under the watchful eye of the Mercury square Jupiter aspect, another aspect promoting high hopes for the future.

The downside to this may consist in your being rather distracted and perhaps finding it hard to pick and settle on one thing.

Towards the middle of the month, there is this urge to try new things and you will really want to share that with your partner. On top of this the Solar Eclipse occurring on the 12th is one promoting transformation, whether just in your mind or through practical aspects as well.


TOP TIP of the month: Ensure that you are tackling any issue occurring at work or at home with creativity and humor. Of course, you can’t have a laugh about everything, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel free to.

Some superficial aspects

On the 22nd, under the Venus sextile Jupiter aspect, you may be inclined towards the pleasures of life, even organize a party to celebrate a particular achievement or someone’s birthday.

You will also feel the need to experiment with your style and although you may not necessarily be the most up to date with fashion trends, your image will be impeccable.

There are some words of caution to take account of as well, during this time, perhaps because the open mindedness and free-spirit promoted by these aspects, can also lead to impulsive and reckless behaviour.

For some natives, it would be best if, to counterbalance this, they would settle in a bit of a routine, the week commencing the 23rd.


Watch out! Impulsive and reckless behaviour may ruin progress you have made on a sensible manner. If you have travelled long then it’s a shame to abandon the fight now, just a little bit more patience will save you.

Nothing to worry if you get to feel comfortable in the predictable, just get on with it because it seems that the excitement will be turned back on, with the Venus trine Pluto debuting on the 27th.

This time it will be your love life in the spotlight and it appears that the single natives are going to be more agitated than ever at this point.

Some tiny obsessions about the past of your love interest and over their thoughts may occur but these should only be transient.

You shouldn’t be tormenting yourself with such things, especially as the very last few days of the month are going to be rather comfortable in terms of practical commitments and demands from other people.

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