Taurus July 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This July will most definitely require your full attention and although there will be plenty of relaxation opportunities, make sure you always keep your wits about you.

Fortunately, complex issues will go around you so there shouldn’t be any major obstacles in your way this month. An interesting opportunity may arise, one that could produce some hype in your domestic life.

This situation gives you a chance to show your skills and get out of the way of other people by becoming more independent. You also have to take care of your health, especially if it's too hot outside, where you live.

In the summer of 2019 you are waiting for completion of several goals in all aspects of life! Professionally you are always on the side of the winners and realize great achievements, perhaps even one that you wouldn’t have expected.

If you're doing so well with your money, it's not the same thing about love and the former might give you a few palpitations. Conflict may be looming and people might reconsider their positions.

There is place of reconciliation and you need to be careful with the words you are throwing out there, in the heat of the moment. It’s all about trying to keep your patience and perseverance, in everything that you do.

July highlights

Expect some major changes in your lifestyle during the first week of the month, especially as it seems that several family members are involved and everyone is pushing for this change.

New collaborations and work opportunities might also arise from this, perhaps because you end up meeting with a friend of a friend.

Some tensions may surface during the second half of the month, with the main complaint being that you are not spending enough time at home. Luckily, your communication skills are going to save you this time too.

New discussions may also boost future plans, around the middle of the month, but you might want to be careful, especially if something looks like it’s too good to be true.

From the 21st onwards, you might want to watch your back because gossip might become quite vicious, whether you have given a reason for discussion or not. You never know who could hear the rumours and your reputation might actually be tainted.

Respond to any claims and don’t hide, otherwise, you are only going to make matters worse. Also, this should give you a bit more confidence in yourself.

Towards the end of July, you may have some travel opportunities, even if only with work. You will do your best to get over with work quickly and then enjoy all that you can, during your free time.

Taurus love horoscope for July 2019

You are going to experience a month in which things are not going to be as agitated in the couple as they may have been recently.

It is a time when you manage to impose your point of view. But be careful, because sometimes you can boast hard, being perceived by the life partner as impulsive, fixist, stubborn.

You know what you want and you can even convince the other that the choices you make are really in favor of your couple's future. It’s more about the way in which you convey this, that can create conflict.

The stars are promoting a good understanding and will help you attract the attention of the opposite sex, perhaps even more than you would be interested to.

Around the 27th you will live another period of sentimental warmth and some natives may even get the chance to rediscover the lost charm of their existing relationship.

It takes more confidence in you, calmness, diplomacy, and especially sincerity with your own person and, implicitly, with the other.

On the other hand, it's not a good time to formalize a relationship of love or to make promises about a future relationship.

Career progress this month

Give yourself a break from any undue stress, count your money and set your priorities straight. There is no need to stretch beyond your budget this month, not to make a good impression, not for any other superfluous purpose.

You may also find that someone from work might return on a promise they have made and might not be in the position to support you anymore. Make new plans and don’t wallow in despair because the situation is not as dark as you would like to make it look.

In terms of career, some Taurus tend to radical change, but only in their minds. All this could start from the need to make radical changes in themselves, with themselves, individual restructurings that will then be reflected in the choices they make on a professional level.

People are flirting in their minds with all sort of career changes but perhaps some issues at work might end up providing quite a rude awakening.

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