Taurus June 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-05-21, 3860 views

This June will on one hand provide some clarity in aspects you have lacked it recently but will also put you in further haze in regards to areas of your life where you thought things could never be more obvious.

A good month for easy money but the stress coming with it might make you think twice whether to seize any other opportunities or to stick with your comfort zone.

Love life may come with sparkles for those patient enough to wait for the tension to accumulate but those quick to burst the bubble are going to be faced with some cruel reality facts.

Out with the new, back with the old

The first few days are to remind you that work can also be fun and this might either mean some opportunities to work in a different department or someplace else.

However, try not to rush into anything and in case you are being proposed something, try to think twice why you are the one being pushed into that.

It may be that the whole excitement will come with a later price or that you are underestimating the demand of work that is being asked from you.

Mars retrograde might give you some pointers on the fact that not all partnerships are made in heaven and even two responsible people in an office setting might have a break. But despite this, some prospects of rekindling and old relationship might be on the table for a while.

A tad too much expectation

The stars do favor some movement on the love front but it doesn’t necessarily have to be for the best so you might as well expect some argument at home or a failed attempt to attract someone’s attention.

You may want to be bold and try your hand at something but you should also think of the position you are putting yourself into if you stunt doesn’t go as planned.

Up until the 17th you boast some unusual degree of confidence but perhaps not enough to see you through all those crazy ideas you might have in mind. But to be honest, you might have just viewed way too many romantic comedies and are just too influenced.

Your mind is in a good place though and it seems that this helps your body relax as well. You are trying to avoid conflict, and often you will prefer to do as those close want, especially people in your family, just to avoid any conflict.

A lot of work

Again the financial element surfaces but this time for some natives it might be in the shape of a loan, either that they ask for money or, more plausible, they are being asked for it.

What it is most important, regardless of what you decide to do in the end, is that you don’t feel pressured in any way to accept. On the long term, you might be better off just trying to help that person through other means.

At the same time, money seems to be the only motivation that makes you go ahead at work, especially since the second half of the month might bring some very long hours upon you.

The key might be to find some kind of activity you can do during your free time that can complement activities from work and get your mind off things. This is a moment when working with others becomes critical and in case you have avoided it so far, it is time to accept that you can’t do everything on your own.

A bubble ready to burst

A bit of stress, here and there will eventually surmount into something bigger but the good news is that you won’t actually be acting like a drama queen and you will prefer to keep your temper.

However, this accumulates and the area where you are most likely to burst is your relationship. Even single natives will spill it all on a close friend if let. But what it actually is that you are craving is some attention and support.

Around the end of the month you might find yourself stuck with a lot of energy and you definitely need to resort to some physical activity to sweat it out.

If you don’t so do, might start the following month feeling this immense pressure and inability to rest. So do take advantage of any free days you might have during this period and spend some time outdoors.

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