Taurus June 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-05-25, 3355 views

Being idealistic will take you places this June even if your intuition may say you are exaggerating. You are dreaming big and are trying to do your best to get this moving. This is a great time to start a business of some kind or to gather people with similar ideas.

You may not be the most sociable person in the world but there is something attractive in your behavior and this will help you a lot in the following weeks.

Taking your sweet time may be suitable during some days but you should also be attentive to keep a reasonable rhythm going. It’s not that you are being lazy but you may face this tendency of sleeping more than you generally would.


You might want to stay away from friends when it comes to money, either that you are borrowing or lending. This is not going to lead to a nice place and you should try not to mix business with pleasure.

Similarly, you are very certain that one of your friends is making a mistake but you can’t seem to find the courage or the clarity to make this known to them. There will be some days in which you will dwell between options and this is sure to frustrate you.

Other sources of frustration might come from what you experience in your relationship and the fact that you can’t implement some changes you long wanted to.

Being prevented from a certain course of action makes you feel stuck and stifles all your creativity.

Your own scenario

You sure don’t need any pick me up around the 17th, because you will be quite happy with yourself during this period. And it isn’t like something important or exciting is happening.

This is actually a period of stability, which you very much enjoy. This is when you will invest most of your time in coming up with new ideas and it will seem as if everything you are coming in contact with is connected somehow.

The best part is that no matter what is being said to you, even rejection, you are not taking things personally and can still come up with things to improve what is happening.

You might feel the need to answer back but you will probably bite your tongue and just show how diplomatic you actually are.

Think it through

Venus is going to help you a lot with your love life but again, you still need to do some work. There are quite a few occasions to meet people and create a great impression.

With this atmosphere, comes quite a dose of temptation which will end up giving a head ache to those natives who are already in a relationship. When it comes to this side of your life, you will tend to be superficial and materialistic. Luckily, not many people will realize this about you.

Some serious financial discussion will arise close to the 20th and this will require some preparation and clear mind for you. Perhaps you should take some time off work to ensure you are ready.

In case we are also talking about a meeting you might want to ensure you take enough time to get where you need to be as there may be delays which will end up stressing you out.

Playing the nice guy

The last week of June will remind you about some responsibilities you haven’t kept up with in a while now and you will feel all of a sudden the need to do something about this.

Some natives are going to overcompensate while others, although they may still feel guilty, are just going to think of a way to work smart and fast.

Be careful to what you end up promising during this time because, although Mercury is sort of on your side, you never know when this will come to bite you. At the same time, you should also stay away from speaking in the name of others.

This period will also be quite tiresome so be careful to eat properly because a lot of the energy you are missing out on is related to this.

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