Taurus June 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This June has your major planets of influence, like Venus, Mars, the Sun and Saturn, occupying some strategic positions in your houses, thus prompting you to challenge yourself in those areas and bringing upon you a time of exploration and self-discovery.

The month may start with some personal doubts that could linger if you remain in the same environment.

You are prompted to travel and to change who is in your entourage. Greatly observant of everything going on and a fine judge of character, you will intuitively understand how others are feeling and what motivations are driving them.

During the second half of the month you will make an excellent team player and will be able to prompt everyone to play to their strengths.

You will also prefer to mull over past decisions at the thought that they will over insight into how you should tackle things in the future.

On the downside, you may be plagued by some reticence about investments or moving against the current, even though the prospects are greatly auspicious.


Watch out! You may not be most able of recognizing underlying tensions in discussions so you may want to stay away from possibly controversial comments.

Life lesson

Expect auspicious interactions with those around during the first week of June, despite the underlying doubts you may still carry on with. With Venus opposing Pluto from the 4th, there may be some risk of extreme behaviour and unexpected jealousy.

These may be made worse by some stagnating business that will get on your nerves but ultimately, it is your preoccupation towards your love life that will keep your distracted.

Exciting conversation will also spark around the 12th, with the Mercury Uranus sextile. This is an aspect carrying important life lessons for any natives who are observant enough.

Add to this the fact that Mercury is also transiting the third house and be sure that you will learn something new and impart your own knowledge with those around.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Venus Uranus square debuting on 14 June will make you more expansive and more open to engaging with people you don’t know and will have you show that charming and diplomatic side of yours.

Venus will be squaring Uranus starting the 13th so there may be some small challenges in your love life and an increased need for freedom from your side.

Single natives are going to be carefree but may confront with some contradictory behaviour from their love interest as Mercury trine Neptune will tend to stimulate wild thoughts in everyone.

You may also feel that you need to escape some rather traditional family influence and may have the tendency to do things exactly just the other way around, to show your independence.

With the Sun sextile Uranus aspect debuting on the 20th, you have greater chances now more than ever to get feedback regarding your work and to be able to build on any criticism you may receive.


Enhance! The second half of the month is the best time for developing your innovative thinking and for trying to stay outside of the traditional boundaries in whatever you do.

A time of hope

The second half of June is also marked by a need to investigation and personal revelations, although you will not always benefit from the energy to do this. Your opinions are very strong at this point and you are not afraid to share them with anyone, no matter their background.

The fact that you may be able to make some sort of profit out of this should come as a bonus. The Venus square Jupiter disposition arising on the 23rd is proof that those who work hard also know how to play hard and this is what you will be doing.

Be careful about your health though, especially if you are making any excesses during this period. Small communication tensions may rise at home but if you put them under a magnifying glass you may notice that they are only surfacing from petty miscommunications.


TOP TIP of the month: With your financial life on a rather steady course and with a capacity to influence that is heightened, this month is great for all sort of investments.

With Mars your governor, entering retrograde motion on the 27th, no wonder you will not achieve the same clarity during the last week of June. On the other hand, your emotions will speak for themselves and will save you in a few delicate situations.

The positive aspect of the Full Moon on 28th will also bring extra hope in your life and a sense that, somehow, everything will be all right in the end.

The downside of this Full Moon speaks about treason and personal gain as opposed to loyalty and mutual gain and you may struggle to underpin the motivations of your partner in several aspects of your life together.

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