Taurus June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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You are going to be very persistent dear Taurus, this June, whether in professional or love matters. You seem to be under a very heavy veil of optimism and prefer to keep looking at the half full side of the glass.

However, you should not ignore the people around you and just pretend that you know better. Listen to your intuition but also to others who are wiser than you because you will be surprised by the valuable insight they can come up with.

There may be a shadow of doubt from yourself and even a little reluctance to overcome your safety zone. However, in the path of your destiny there is no way to return, so adapt to what the Universe will offer.

Creative energy is strong this month. Go shopping and buy an inspirational book. Tell your friends openly about what's important to you now. You can find a good new friend who will understand you.

This month, you can also benefit from newly acquired knowledge and skills. Also, self-educate a little. This is a good investment for the future.

Agitation is present at the beginning of the month, largely at work. You have a lot of things to do and you cannot fully enjoy your breaks.

This month, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn deal with the first three houses of identity, values ​​and mind. It's a time to urge you to explore what makes you truly live and what you want. Challenge yourself!

June highlights

You seem to start the month in an impeccably mood and your socializing skills are highly enhanced, courtesy of Mercury in Gemini.

After the 10th, you might come across some opportunities to add revenue and, or capitalize on the savings you've made so far. During or around the 14th, you can discuss projects and plans for the future, but do not negotiate too harshly, because you might end up driving people away.

A similar warning also applies during or around the 16th, with the indication that if you are tempted to convince someone of something, it may not be the best idea to do so.

After the 19th, you will regain your charm and confidence so this should be the best time to schedule your meetings, pitch, or audience around this date.

Towards the end of the month controversy may arise between you and the people who are part of your entourage, but be careful that these conflicts risk not going anywhere and just bringing permanent tension in the mix.

Be careful about your money too, not only to reduce spending on shopping for unnecessary things but also to minimize the risks of investing in the wrong kind of plans.

During the last week of June, you get along better with your family. Make time for your family, be patient with your loved ones and be diplomatic when it comes to money! Instead of embarrassing yourself with all sorts of worries and secrets, it would be better to share things openly with your loved ones.

Taurus love horoscope for June 2019

This June you are more willing than ever to offer affection and emotional support, to connect spiritually with your loved one.

Those who are in a long-term relationship could enter a stage of melancholy, remembering, a return to the past. So you could relive, along with your mate, the beauty of the first encounters and the romanticism of times past.

If you are single or newly committed, you conquer the sweetness of the world, through the warmth that you emanate in your relationships with others.

But try to avoid being manipulative and take patience, because the best kind of connections, and the long-lasting ones, are definitely build in time.

Pluto, the planet governing the Taurus partner relations, is in a seemingly retrograde transit, so there is no striking progression in problematic relationships or in the realization of distance relationships, for example.

But things can be sweetened, communication can be restored, more responsiveness to the needs of the other. But effort is needed on both sides to bring a very common denominator of beliefs and beliefs.

In some cases, a temporary separation might be beneficial, especially in relationships where there is some sort of power struggle, to look at things from another perspective.

Career progress this month

During the first half of the month, Taurus is highly valued in an established or incipient professional setting, so has a very lucky time to increase earnings, plus is surrounded by numerous opportunities in the social sphere. However, some potential disappointments in the friendship sphere might also surface, at a completely surprise time.

It appears like the New Moon on the 3rd will active your financial house and will give you chances with money, chances you have been expecting for quite a long time. This lucky strike will last probably until the Full Moon on the 17th.

Ideally, you should not take the advice of your buddies or information from the internet when it comes to money or joint projects. Bids on the Internet, whether it's about jobs or various products, are misleading or misinterpret and you can lose money.

You need to focus on building strong communication and cooperation with quality partners and especially on the relationship with the professionals from whom you have something to learn.

Collaboration is the priority in June, and relationships with people in your field of activity can bring you new chances. Either new contracts will appear, or you will know someone willing to guide you through the career.

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