Taurus June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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The first summer month, June, will awaken in Taurus people the desire to visit an unknown place. If you haven't had a pleasant vacation in a long time, now is the time to have it but be careful about respecting the rules.

You deserve everything and taking some time for yourself may also mean that you get the chance to put your thoughts in order. Now is the right time for Taurus to relax and recharge their batteries.

June 2020 highlights

The persistence of love, along with other factors, will have a special effect on your attitude throughout the month. You will be optimistic. However, you should not ignore the people around you because of your partner.

Taurus can also benefit from recently acquired knowledge and skills. Also, educate yourself a little. This is a good investment for the future.

You will live memorable moments in the couple's relationship. In addition, you will be in a position to make more money than you expect. The month appears to end with very good news that you have been waiting for a long time.

Advice for key dates in June:

Around the 3rd: Be careful with money and stay away from lending or borrowing.

Around the 11th: Your social life will see an improvement so make the most of it.

Around the 20th: Think twice before really saying what you think.

Around the 23rd: You may find it hard to cope with some nostalgia and worries.

Around the 28th: Leave instant gratification aside and look for long-term goals.

Taurus love horoscope for June

Don’t expect too much or too quick forward moving in your sentimental life, given the influence of the many planets that are in retrograde this month, including Venus, you governing planet and that of love.

Set aside time for an assessment, for analysis and re-evaluation regarding the marriage or the love affair, as the case may be. If you are single, it is time to think seriously about what you really want from a romantic relationship.

The lunar eclipse occurring on the 5th of June activates your eight house so intimate life matters will be highlighted.

Intimate life can go through a moment of crisis or a sensitive subject related to the couple's life can be exacerbated, especially after such a long period of state face to face, locked in the house.

This moment can inspire you to open the discussion about a sensitive topic, to talk about a separation, about getting out of a toxic relationship, perhaps.

Some Taurus live with the nostalgia of a former love or even try to renew a romantic story (possibly from a distance) with a person from the past.

Single bulls may find that their feelings for a friend are, in fact, deeper, more romantic, than they would have wanted, or they may be taken by surprise by an unexpected statement from a friend. For other Taurians, love can come through friends, who intentionally play the role of match makers.

Career and finances

With so many retrograde planets, it is better to review your financial situation and financial habits, to re-evaluate your ability to negotiate your income.

In June you enjoy a lot of positive energy. You manage to complete everything you set out to do and, in addition, you find the courage to try new things. You want to get rid of the routine, and now is the perfect time to discover your new passions.

The lunar eclipse on the 5th activates your eight house, which is the house of your partner's money, common resources, taxes, duties, loans, miscellaneous debts, financing and inheritances. Therefore, it is possible for the life partner to go through a time of financial crisis. This directly affects you and you may need to quickly change certain plans or strategies regarding money.

From another perspective, it is time to pay more attention to the debts you have and make an effort to start getting rid of them. Keep in mind that after the 18th, with Mercury’s retrograde motion, you may face further difficulties, blockages, or delays in collecting the money you deserve. However, after the 20th, there may be a turnaround in your favor, in the form of family support or a gain from a real estate transaction.

Your wellbeing this month

If you continue to take breaks and do things just for your own sake, June will be one month in which you will relaunch yourself.

Whilst the eclipses on the 5th and 21st may pose some challenges by triggering certain fears and aggravating the uncertainties in your life, with flexibility and adaptability you will be able to eventually keep on top of things.

Mental balance is more important than ever during the second half of the month and it would be good to turn to a therapist or a very close person who can keep your secrets and who is genuinely interested in listening without judging you.

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