Taurus March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-02-24, 4037 views

A promising month in terms of what you can discover but that easily can transform in a snooze fest if you don’t press the right buttons. It is up to you to make things exciting around you and although it may not seem like it, there are a lot of things that are out of the ordinary and keep happening around you.

Perhaps you are too focused on the big stuff and expect some sort of radical change to engulf you in a different story. Yes, this is not going to happen. Instead, you are allowed to piece a lot of small things together and make great use of your time.

Beware of talking too much about yourself because people might get the wrong impression. You are very focused on certain actions and would like to talk about them for days, but think of your audience too.

Forcing your way out

The first week is going to be particularly challenging because you need to summarize some things that have been happening and can’t really look at the bigger picture. There is no need to rush in doing that but at the same time you can postpone it forever.

Every time you feel stuck with something, take a step back and force yourself to view it from a different perspective.

We all have our fixed ideas and favor our ways. There is no need for someone else to come and snap us out of those, we can do it ourselves.

Unusually, you will prefer orderliness and take a lot of time to make everything around you spotless. Perhaps this is happening because you are trying to order your mind doing something rather physical.

Time for yourself

When you have your mind set on something, chances are you will eventually end up doing it. Perhaps this is more of a personal matter but you are going to feel somewhat weakened and more tired than usual.

Perhaps changing something in those habits of yours will work wonder. Again, you are getting hanged up on something in particular and don’t really let yourself see beyond that.

Drinking more water might help, but if you are not sleeping enough, then that is wasted effort.

Make sure that you reserve some time for yourself, at least in the weekends up to the middle of the month, because the second part will be a lot busier mentally speaking so you will find it even harder to disconnect entirely.

Relationships and opinions

As we go towards the second half of March, it may be best to keep some things private, especially your relationship. There is a lot of negativity going on and you might find that it puts a lot of pressure on you.

There may be people, even from your family, that are going to disagree with your ways and it seems that they won’t hesitate to state this publicly.

This doesn’t mean however that you get a pass at behaving poorly with them. There is one thing not to take them into account and a completely different one to act upon them.

Some natives might find themselves enticed into some sort of adventure and not everyone is going to have the strength to say no. This of course will open all sorts of opportunities but also moments in which you might end up hiding and not being very moral.

Coping with work

You might want to take full of advantage of what is about to happen after the 20th because those are going to be some very productive days, not only at work, but in general. Some may be experimenting with all sorts of ideas, while others, will simply get on with work they were supposed to do some time ago.

This doesn’t mean however, that everyone can cope with that so there may be some sensibilities showing up in the area of your mental health. Be yourself but don’t hesitate to ask for help if you feel things are becoming too overwhelming.

You may find it easier to talk to a stranger than your own partner but this doesn’t make you a bad person. You may also feel more instinctively connect to a peer that is going through something similar.

Money is going to make all prospects a lot better and optimism is going to surface at the end of the month but surely, there is stuff to be paid and this is more of a wakeup call.

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