Taurus March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 3464 views

Good news for everyone who’s been feeling stuck this winter as March is entering your life in full force. There is no time to sit down and ponder on your options.

Until the 20th, we are under the influence of the Sun trine Jupiter, therefore will likely benefit from enhanced luck, opportunities of all sorts and generally more energy and optimism.

On top of this, with Jupiter retrograde, you may want to have a meeting with yourself and resort to introspection. Because of how busy you are and of how solicited your mind is, you may want to put this on your agenda well in advance.

With Mercury retrograde in the second half of the month, you will say more than you would like and in some cases, this might bring wanted conflict. Luckily, you will be quick to realize when this happens so will turn things around with all sort of strategies.

Conflicting ideas

The beginning of the month will be marked by social attempts, perhaps you trying to appeal to some people you consider have exciting lives. But whilst you are trying your best to be remarked by the popular kids, you may end up losing contact with dear old friends.

If you want it all, then learn to balance your time and ensure you offer it to the right people. Because you are chasing conflicting objectives, you may end up feeling more tense than usual.

Around the 6, you will tend to bring out aspects of your social life in your relationship, with the honest intention to get advice. However, you may want to take a look at the current needs of your partner and offer rather than ask for support.

An adventurous self discovery

In theory, and as mentioned earlier, Jupiter retrograde will be all about communicating with yourself and discovering new things about you. But you should be warned that the greatest risk preventing you from achieving this level, will actually be related to how honest you really want to be with yourself.

Some natives will avoid digging too deep, perhaps because they are scared of what they could find out there or because they might think that this will demotivate them.

Around the 11, the Mercury square Saturn aspect will bring news into your life but also a risk of errors so you may not want to trust everything you come across. This is not to say that you should double check everything but a little caution won’t do you harm.

You may also be very picky in terms of what you decide to do at work and you will prefer to be spontaneous, much to the annoyance of your colleagues. Ideally, you don’t want to be giving them too many reasons to be unhappy with you, especially if, in the near future, you may need their help.

The above may also be coupled with your feeling more adventurous than usual, with some natives thinking about going hiking, or deciding to try an extreme sport of some kind.

Professional ambitions

The second half of the month will debut with Mars’ movement in Capricorn, an aspect that heightens your professional activity and that usually poses greater opportunities in regards to social hierarchy.

In line with this, starting Monday the 19th, you will be more interested in how you are perceived by your colleagues and will tend to make all your decisions based on the reactions you expect you might get.

This is a good time for interviews and presentations but there is also an associated warning, to those who’ve become too comfortable in their jobs and whom fail to consider that there is still competition out there.

You may also find that you are more willing, than usual, to make compromises of all sorts and this may alter your behavior, in a way you wouldn’t have expected yourself.

Love focused

The Venus square Pluto aspect occurring towards the end of the month will make you more sensitive than ever to love matters and this appears to be a great time for your partner to extract anything they may need from you.

You are easier to convince when the right buttons are pressed and you will truly want to be nice to those close, perhaps this being your way of making amends for the rest of the month in which you have mostly been work focused.

This surely means that romantic encounters will have an added special quality to them. On the other hand, this may fool some natives into seeing signs that aren’t necessarily there.

Single natives will tend to be less picky on this occasion, perhaps because they are sort of afraid of being on their own. Although this may not be very obvious, there is an underlying theme that will likely come in one’s thought quite often.

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