Taurus May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 3360 views

May is going to be one of those busy months with a lot of interaction with your peers, some travel, be it planned or not planned in advance, some work assignments to keep you on the edge and, depending on your mood and understanding, a calm and fructuous or stormy love life.

Sentimental or not, you are lending those around you some of your optimism and perhaps subliminally forcing them to behave nicely to you, something very wise from your side, although you cannot take all credit on it. 

If the weather allows it, there might be some days, especially in the first week of the month when you should go outdoors, if not exercise, at least take some walks. It doesn’t really count if you spend time in your own garden, unless you occupy yourself with some gardening or similar maintenance related activities to put you in connection with the ground.

Take your time

Around the 10th, things are not going to show them as simple as you’d like them to be on some roadblocks will force you to be, if not bold and quick, then sure imaginative.

The middle of the month, despite all its stubborn dispositions, catches you in quite a spirited mood, very eloquent and ready to jump in on any conversation. In some regards, it might also mean you are interfering where you don’t belong, but this won’t be the case in the majority of your interactions so don’t worry too much about that.

You will probably provide nice surprises to people who don’t know you that well, so try to be social whenever you are feeling it.

Chasing something

Charismatic and attractive, it might seem like a good time to go out and meet someone if you are in for this situation. But don’t be afraid to use this to your advantage in the workplace as it can ease your way with some people and perhaps out of difficult situations you might get into.

Because let’s not forget you are still under fire at work and those work around solutions you have devised earlier, might still have some later consequences.

Venus will supervise all your relationships this month, not only the love side and will bring you some interesting prospects like on a silver plated tray.

However, it is up to you and how you view these actions, because in some respects, you won’t be as interested in those people and might lose up on some later opportunities with them.

You tend to be very interested in your own persona, from the way you dress and take care of yourself to the way you behave. But the good news is that you won’t necessarily be too critical about yours and neither fall in the narcissistic extreme so you’ll probably remain somewhere in the middle.

However, some natives might be late for meetings or different personal endeavors if they spend too much time in the mirror. When it comes to important activities or work, we can all agree that you are going to be as serious as you can. 

When to change the mood

Mars retrograde will require you to prepare your words well and make sure you don’t offend anyone. Even your partner, who knows you well enough not to get angry on you easily, might be somewhat affected by your words if you speak without thinking.

Take good care especially at the tone you are using because you might be conveying something else than what you actually want to.

On the long run, the Sun in your sign, perhaps your birthday approaching if it’s this month, will provide you with extra energy and a different sense of accepting what is going on around you.

Although you might not yet be ready to give up all control, you are not that quick to react to things and just let them uncover before you start thinking about them. This of course saves you a lot of energy that you can then invest in more pleasant activities.

How to trust yourself

The Sun might also help you out appear more imposing and more self confident something that in some situation might speak for itself when you are not really able to do it on your own.

As the month prepares to come to an end, you tend to diversify your activities, perhaps in the hope to supplement your income.

But don’t expect money to come easy and be warned that it takes a lot of dedication to transform a hobby in a source of income and maybe at this particular moment all you have is inspiration and desire and not really the persistence it takes.

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