Taurus May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-04-23, 3884 views

You are not going to let yourself convinced by anything that is being told to you this May and this suspicion of yours is actually going to take you places. You are creative and intuitive and you will find solutions to almost everything that is going on, be it your problem or that of those around.

This month, the stars are going to address any trace of discontent you might have going on in your mind, starting with emotional matters. You will find it easier to talk about what you have been going through and you are going to be a lot more patient with those around.

Fixing things rapidly might bring some praise but what you are after really, is long term change and recognition of your efforts. This will go very well with the challenges this May has prepared for you at work.

Impulses and where they take you

The first week is going to show just how temperamental you are and although you are recognizing that your behavior is not always fundamentally correct, you seem to let your impulses have the best of you.

In love, this is actually going to be an advantage because it might take you to a certain place you were afraid to go to and might accelerate things in some relationships.

Being bold might not be for you, but deep inside, your instincts know exactly where to lead you.

Some friends might be somewhat cruel and hesitant with you but this doesn’t mean you should not trust your ideas. You don’t need any reassurance when it comes to highly personal matters.

Try to avoid the main risks

We are also talking about all sorts of emotional questions and even an existential crisis, probably started from something that has been happening at work. Things are complicating slightly but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to achieve great things.

Communication is essential, especially in the work place and especially if you are not sure of some things. There is quite a risk of misunderstandings, as Mercury is playing some tricks on everyone around the 14th.

Some natives might think that working with others complicates things unnecessarily and they will attempt to take upon themselves quite a workload. But what they will realize as time goes, is that exactly this makes them work better and have time to reflect on the bigger picture.

Beware of lies

You are following your passions, especially in the artistic field, around the 20th but it seems that Venus won’t really let you have this peaceful time. Some old love or someone you’ve had a crush on in the past are going to make a come back.

They might want you back or their agenda might be a little different. In any case, you are searching for good excuses to avoid them or to keep them away from your present relationship.

Do what you have to do but try not to enter in any web of lies because these things are only going to get deeper and deeper. It will come a time at which you will regret having behaved like this.

Busy times

Work is going to put in quite an entrepreneurial position during the last week of May and you will be forced to make decisions in regards to things you have envisioned in the past and that are going to happen.

Be prudent and don’t go head first in anything. There may be a risk that someone is withholding information from you so tackle that.

Money is a priority, both at work and at home and this is going to stress you a little, especially because you are not sure whether you can still indulge into some old habits of yours.

Venus is going to move interest towards your health which will mean that your concerns are going to deepen. Perhaps a visit to the doctor, especially if that was due, is going to be needed. Some natives are quite clumsy and will have to do something about this as well.

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