Taurus May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-04-23, 4236 views

Your existence this May will be under the sign of important transformation, with the entrance of Uranus in your sign, on the 15th. This is not an event to be taken lightly as it only occurs every couple of years.

Prepare to change how you think, perhaps not overnight but surely over a shorter period of time than you would expect. The way you understand security and stability in life are going to be revolutionized and it may be that you will turn into a more adaptable individual.

Money may not be the best this month but you will not take this as a personal affront but rather as an occasion to get motivated. During the second half you will both win and lose it very rapidly.

Your energy levels are brimming so there is no reason to complain, although you have a lot on your plate and surely will be lacking time to complete it all.

You will prove yourself very efficient in your communications, not leaving anything as questionable and putting new step stones to your social life.


Enhance: This month is an auspicious one for spiritual endeavors, from getting acquintanted with philosophy aspect to practicing a form of meditation. Anything that could put you in contact with emotions that run well below the surface is acceptable.

Conflicting behavior

You may want to be careful who you surround yourself with this May because, although you may be adamant that your entourage doesn’t define you, it actually does, even if only in the eyes of those who don’t know you well enough.

You will exhibit a rather escapist behavior this month, in an attempt to run away from your own worries.

Surprisingly enough, you will be rather happy to help others with their own, even if this means putting yourself in a position of similar stress.

Tensions are growing at home until the 11th, perhaps because someone is trying to shine a light on your behavior but you are not willing to accept anything.


Watch out! During the second half you will need to resist temptations or else your expenditures will get out of control. Stay away from offers that are too good to be true or else you will be ripped off.

From the 13th onwards you appear to be more focused on your own plans, even if you are still being picky about the responsibilities you want to take on board. And what better area to tackle than your love life.

You will prove that you are resourceful in a situation where almost everyone around you had given up. Mercury transits your twelfth house, meaning that some financial loss may take place, if you don’t watch your spending.

Here, no one can blame you for not investing all your energy as it seems that your charm will be very hard to resist and you will likely accomplish everything you set your mind to.


Astrological aspect of the month: From the 17th onwards, the planet of action, Mars, will be very active in your career house, making you work harder and more responsible, but still not willing to delegate.

Shining a light on possessions

Your personality is expansive and you are not afraid to speak your mind, even in the company of important people. This should however come with a word of caution, as to, how much you can disclose, in the company of your superiors, before your position on the job could be affected.

With Venus’ arrival in Cancer on the 19th, unlike what this aspect may look like, the emotional charge of situations in your life will drop to an acceptable level and you will finally find some balance.

You become cautious and measure everything twice, just like you normally do. This transformation will also restore part of your confidence in yourself.


TOP TIP of the month: From the 19th on, Mercury is well aspected with Saturn and Neptune, thus encouraging strategic endeavors, not allowing you to say anything that could work against you and enhancing your power of concentration and attention.

Venus will also be opposing Saturn from the 26th onwards, which is a tense aspect that may have some people turn a cold shoulder to you.

This is why you need to count more on your own powers and lesson what others can do for you.

At work, during the last week of the month, you timing may be off, thus you might want to postpone a decision due that week, for when June debuts. There is no actual hurry so you shouldn’t invent one.

The very last two days of May will help you balance the books again, thus promise financial gain that can measure up to anything you have lost.

Any commitments you have fulfilled are going to reward you appropriately. Don’t expect appreciation as well, if you receive a payment or the other way around, if the endeavor was purely a humanitarian one.

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