Taurus May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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You may not be sure of your opinions and thoughts in May and so there may be a couple of moments of confusion. Luckily, others will not notice it and you will get away with it.

Little worries at work, although you will be very interested in performing well and ensuring that you earn as much as you can. Your subconscious desires may also prompt you to seek for new ways to increase your income.

With both Mars and Venus in your sign, you can say that you are really lucky in May when it comes to love. Use these positive aspects to rediscover the passion in your relationship or find that particular person you’ve been waiting for, if you are alone.

You may encounter some hindrances in achieving your wishes. Some misunderstandings may affect your plans, but it depends only on your will to overcome them.

Do not give up and also don’t be shy about asking for help because you may find that you have plenty of people around you that are wise and that you can learn something from.

During the second half of May, you'll have some pretty good financial chances, which you need to take advantage of. Either you will receive a collaboration offer meant to bring you a surplus, or you will receive a bonus, a gift or even an old debt will be repaid.

May highlights

The first week of the month starts off with an interesting aspect, an opposition between Mars and Jupiter which is likely to result in you not being able to keep your mouth shut and even spilling the tea on something you’ve kept as a secret for quite a long time.

In any conflict that may arise, it is important to rely on resounding arguments and not on your feelings or dramatizing because there is the risk of getting caught behind your head and making a fool of yourself.

Keep in mind that there may always be someone who can show us the opposite, defeating us with our own weapons.

The first half of May might also surface some old frustrations and troubles of yours but luckily, these won’t linger in your life for too long. You may also get the chance to discuss any fears you may have with a good friend of yours.

Around the 10th you will be very sociable and this will be the best time to make a good impression on new people. You are beyond charismatic and you know it. Be more assertive in communication but avoid appearing vain or arrogant.

Plan important work events around the 20th because you will be able to focus best but try not to spend too much money around the same period of time.

Take advantage of the harmonious triangle between Mercury in your sign and Pluto in Capricorn. You will be more perseverant and also a better judge of character. This is also an aspect that can help de-tense some relationships and will show the right direction for you.

Taurus love horoscope for May

Despite benefiting from quite a romantic interest this May, you will be quite centred on yourself and your own needs. You may even feel this need to reinvent yourself, but not to attract others but rather to be pleased with yourself.

Some may rush to judge you as selfish during this time but you will not be very affected by this. And you shouldn’t either because you will be able to change their opinions later on.

Around the middle of the month, with the Full Moon’s influence, you will think more about your feelings and get closer to those you love.

Those who are in a long-term relationship or marriage will be able to seize the other’s needs and desires and act upon them so a few days of passion are actually likely.

The second half of May also favors romance but go easy on the long-term plans because you don’t want to bring confusion in the mix. Don’t rush into redefining the relationship or the rules, just enjoy what you have unconditionally.

Around the 29th, soul-to-soul discussions are favored, and you can create an approach you longed for. In addition, your partner can suddenly show their poetic side, and take you out of the house in short hikes or romantic trips.

If you do not have a relationship but are attracted to someone for quite a while now, don’t hesitate and boldly confess your interest. Who knows what will happen…

Career progress this month

This month you need expand your horizons and take the necessary risks to succeed. Do you want to be an entrepreneur, Taurus? Then do not be afraid to act and start a new business. During this time, the premises are very good.

Do you want that promotion, Taurus? Then stop hiding from your boss and demand what you rightfully deserve. You will need to prepare for this but again, the premises are on your side.

Professional development this month depends only on you, the real level of training you have, or how much you are willing to learn further.

You will have the opportunity to use the knowledge you have theoretically, but you might find that this is happening in a completely different setting from the one you have imagined.

Towards the end of the month, you will be able to receive help, including financially, from generous people who invest trust in your relationship and in your plans. But don’t take these things lightly because this investment will also come with a lot of pressure on you.

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