Taurus May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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It can be said that for the following period you’re going to be successful. Since the month’s beginning, you’re going to be fine with your role, as your days are going to be happy. Nothing will destabilize you. This will be a last month of spring in which the family in general is going to be represented well, occupying a very important role in your day-to-day life.

You need to make an effort for the people you care about. However, on the 14th and around, in your family, there’s going to be some cautiousness prevailing.

There will be circumstances leading to a misunderstanding and creating all sort of tensions that can’t be avoided. Your beautiful smile will disappear from your face.

There’s good news as this is not lasting and returning to the calm is going to happen fast. May also is a month in which change is going to happen. Transformations will happen, and you will provoke the destiny.

May 2022 Highlights

A prosperous and interesting month. Many of the planets from the Eastern sector of the chart is going to show a dynamic energy, impetuosity, and momentum. On the other hand, the planet that rules your hand, Mars, is going to be in retrograde.

The message sent is going to be clear. Slow your pace down. Don’t allow any small annoyance or delay making you feel depressed. This won’t influence your success, as this is only going to be a little diminished.

You will be taught how to remain patient and detached. The planets that are moving fast are going to be on your map’s horizon. Remain firm there. There will be a time to collect any work and outer ambitions, from the point of harmonious emotionality.

Commitments, offers of career, as well as projects must fit into your everyday life. The month’s interests are going to be the image, the body, the intellect, and personal satisfaction. The finance will be your most powerful and active area.

Of course, you will have plenty when it comes to career. You will receive employment offers, bonuses, a promotion, if you negotiate, mostly speculatively. This is going to be May’s trend. Saturn in the House of Money is going to reward calculated risks, but not in the speculation casino type.

Saturn being present in the 2nd House is going to show equity opportunities, whereas the Sun’s presence is indicating speculation about equity. There are also career risks involved at the moment, careers that will have to show themselves.

The planet Mercury, entering the House of Money to the 8th House, is going to indicate earnings obtained from buying, trading, marketing, and selling. You will profit from playing the stock market in short time, which will increase your profits.

One Moon, on May 15th is also going to happen in the House of Money, and bring all sort of light, and clarity, as well as pertinent information when it comes to investments and financial issues. There will be light shed when it comes to movement in career.

Venus, the Money Planet, is also going to be in the 3rd House of communications until May 8, reinforcing the trading mentality discussed earlier. Venus is going to enter on the 8th, the 4th House, and reveal money that come from family members, heritage, or one of your relatives.

This could translate into earning opportunities or cash money. Expenses will also be shown with maintenance and the house.

Taurus Love Horoscope for May

At the month’s beginning, you will reap the benefits of past efforts. Thanks to the favorable stars constellation, you will have many tender and loving moments with the partner. Until mid-month, you’re going to have all the reasons of complaining, as in all the aspects, harmony is going to reign.

Past conflicts are going to disappear for the May’s first week, so you’ll be able to have an entire season in the 7th Heaven. Love is going to once more play the central part in your relationship. From May 15th to the 23rd, you’re going to share very intimate moments with the partner, which will be a pleasant and positive experience, making you feel closer to the partner and serving at the deepening of your relationships.

You will have a happy, exciting, and lovely month. The harmony experienced is going to be in between two. Especially for the month’s last week, things will be fiery and exciting. Enjoy such special moments and plan all your romantic activities.

Have nature picnic, walk on idyllic walks, and visit the cinema. Show your feelings in a sincere manner and have the heart of your partner beating faster. Be in love once again, and merge with passion and love. During May’s first week, the planet Venus is going to catapult you straight into your love affairs’ scepter.

For the entire month, this planet is going to be on your side, providing you the great opportunity of flirting. It’s very probable than for the month’s second half, you’re going in someone’s passionate, attractive, and seductive partner. Allow yourself to remain seduced and be seductive.

You won’t regret a thing, and the moments spent next to your partner are going to be exciting and intense. However, it’s very unlikely that the partner you will find will be ideal for you, but your relationship will last long. But don’t end up being discouraged, as between May 20th and May 31st, the love stars are going to shine with force. Go out and flirt, enjoying love.

Career and Finances Horoscope

For work, you’re going to have to spend time in meditation, as well as make some important decisions when it comes to the future you have in your career. Do whatever you have to do, and don’t be hasty.

The team and professional environment is going to have a few imbalances that are going to affect you, so analyze the situation right before you start taking any side. Be careful with how much money you’re spending.

It will be a good month for savings or look at the investments and expenses you’re looking to make. The Sun entering the 2nd House of Taurus, on the 20th, is pointing out to making improvements when it comes to administering the available resources, and the probability of getting increases in salary or credits.

In the same manner, Mercury passing through the 2nd House of the Taurus, from the 11th to the 28th, is suggesting interest in having diverse income sources, as well as creating all sort of ventures that have a powerful technological component.

This is a trend that’s going to reinforce the New Moon in the sign of Gemini on the 22nd of May, allowing you to touch the 2nd House astral map and place the attention of all sorts of financial opportunities and remain unexplored.

It’s important to remember that on the 13th, the planet Venus is going to be in retrograde in the 2nd House of the Taurus, implying a need to honestly evaluate the financial situation, adopting a new model of management.

The planet Venus is retrograde in the 2nd House of the Taurus is going to promote the selfish attitude and focus on remaining satisfied with the subject whims, all without accounting for the heritage’s state, as well as achieving your long-term objectives.

At work, Juno is going to begin its direct trajectory in the 6th House of the Taurus, on the 26th, representing the greater awareness of commitments you will assume, as well as the pending tasks requiring your immediate solution.

The native is going to be much more cautious when new responsibilities will be accepted, and activities will be organized. Things will start from acknowledging all sort of new responsibilities, organizing activities, capacities, and circumstances.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Until May 16th, people born in the sign of Taurus are going to be depressed, as they might being plagued through non-positive thoughts that are repeating themselves. This is going to result in being completely discouraged and to have their intellectual and physical performance decreased.

Also, there will be other natives preventing them from handling and moving things with hands. For the 2nd part of May, the inconveniences are going to be completely gone, so you’re going to feel reborn. Your get back your usual vigor and be more active.

Take advantage of the month do something important such as changing your lifestyle and sport. The spring is going to stimulate your metabolism, this being the reason why in May, you’re going to start feeling energy and vitality.

This is the reason why it won’t be difficult for you to have a healthy diet, escape your bad habits, as well as exercise more. Play some sports outside when you get the chance, so that you’re not oxygenated and spend time in the sun, as well as feel rejuvenated and lose weight.

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