Taurus May 2023 Monthly Horoscope

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This month it will seem like your life has moved on a higher plane of existence and several meanings are going to come flooding you.

Connections with those people who have the same values as you will get stronger. On the other hand, you will be missing on what’s small and makes big changes without looking deeper into the actual needs in your life right now.

The lucky star of evolution is going to have you expanding even more, especially from a personal point of view. Towards the end of the month will be offered opportunities that will have you returning to your balance and back on the tracks. In May Taurus, you will be unified with Mercury, meaning you will be kinder, more respectful, and more easy-going.

May 2023 Highlights

By the 13th, you will be welcoming when it comes to changes at home and in your family because these changes will help you feel freer. You will contemplate moving home, so think about what accommodation would suit you best.

You are the only one who can decide. In case you have some ideas about decoration, then go ahead and put them into practice. Let more beautiful surroundings turn your spring into the most pleasing season.

The sky will support you in this direction. Starting with May 10th and until the 19th, there might be an event in your family life turning your homely habits upside down. This is going to be capturing your attention and energy. Things will be taken seriously.

You will redesign your small universe however you can. Show that you’re imaginative and creative. By the 13th, don’t stand still. It would be a good idea to no longer look at the past and to leave some constraints behind for good.

The sky will have you changing plans and the transition you will be experiencing is going to be smooth, which will seem less scary and more attached to the values you have. All in all, allow change to enter your life.

From the 16th of May and further, you will have the planet Jupiter entering Taurus. This is going to benefit you. Leave the everyday struggles behind and be more devoted to what keeps on making you happier.

Taurus Love Horoscope for May

Starting with May 2nd, the planet Venus will be in the sign of Gemini, so expect things to look better and better. With the presence of Mercury, there will be exchanges, not to mention that you will have feelings of understanding and tenderness. The people you care about romantically will be enveloping and more loving.

Starting with the 17th, you will become luckier. Expect your relationship to be rekindled. This is going to have you being more open about the future and projects you have been thinking about. For what is worth, believe that you are a rockstar and that your partner believes in you.

When the month will be close to the end, you should try to be less touchy. There will be energies in positive signs creating all sorts of circumstances that are favorable for encountering someone special. Expect a love story to start for you during the month.

In case you want to move things further, accept what’s shinning, but this only at the month’s end. You won’t be standing any habit or constraint. You need to see love as something wonderful and magical. This means you will no longer want to be part of the routine involved with the married life.

Think where you could escape with your partner, or about a dinner under candlelit. These things will help a lot. Single Bulls will be found in the most excellent position when it comes to sentiments. This will be making them fly again.

They might try to change dates too often, and without even realizing what they are doing. Don’t give importance to everyone who’s shinning and be more interested in shady characters. Those married will have a beautiful life with their spouse.

If they buy small presents for this special person in their life, they will subjugate him or her. Unexpected gifts should be the order of the day. Singles can do the same for those they are interested in. Jupiter is going to protect the love life of Bulls, playing things in their favor and bringing promises of a crush like in the movies.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Everything will start to improve. From May 17th and further, you will be luckier, as there will be opportunities you have been waiting for coming your way. People you have been interacting with for some time will work in your advantage. In case one of these persons is making you a proposition that’s interesting, consider what they are saying because your expectations will be met.

Further, starting with the 21st, you mustn’t target any person by telling yourself they are superficial. From a financial point of view, you will perform well, even if you’re going to be living modestly.

Your career prospects don’t look encouraging when it comes to how the stars are facing you for the month of May. You might have differences of opinions with superiors. This will lead to some catastrophic circumstances, so you need to be more careful.

Besides, you might also feel insecure, and this without knowing why. As a result, you will want to look for redressal by changing your job or your business operational direction. This won’t be desirable. It would be a good idea to not make changes until you have carefully deliberated.

Traveling might not bring you gains, but you might earn some more by going South. The month won’t be too favorable when it comes to finances, as the stars won’t be playing this in your favor. You might have the relations with superiors becoming more and more deteriorated, which will bring you a loss.

Therefore, you need to take preventive measures and to stop anything unfavorable from taking place. The opportunities will be many, but you will have to struggle to achieve what you want.

You might also have the tendency to make money that are unaccounted, and this won’t have a positive effect on your financial situation. Make sure to correct yourself. Avoid speculation.

Your Wellbeing This Month

The month will be excellent if you want to obtain benefits from traveling, as the stars will play life in your favor when it comes to this. Some Taurus natives might travel to some holy places that will make them remember their journeys forever.

Those aiming for higher education or to get trained abroad will have things running smoothly for them. Traveling for business will as well ensure success. You will go places by either road or rail, but air traveling is not out of discussion either.

You might go abroad and if you do, take the Eastern direction. The stars won’t play favorably for you during the month of May, not at as far as family is involved. You might not get along with your seniors, and this will lead to unpleasant moments.

Therefore, you need to give your best to avoid any quarrel. There won’t be anything favorable happening in the home sector, as there will be no family harmony. This means you need to pay more attention to your loved ones and especially your children if you have them.


The stars won’t be too kind to your health in May Taurus. Those of you who have cold feet and hands will be going through a nasty period. Their tendency to be nervous will get amplified too, so they should take on yoga more regularly.

This will help them escape their troubles. Some problems with the teeth might appear as well, so take better care of your oral hygiene. All in all, not good news for health, meaning you will have to be more careful with it.

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