Taurus November 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-10-22, 2216 views

Don’t ruin nice time in love with unnecessary worries! The good time in your love life continues, not in a spectacular way, but in a safe and predictable one, as you usually prefer. The Taurus November 2015 monthly horoscope gathers several transits through Virgo and Scorpio that put an emphasis on that too.

Nevertheless, there are few risks plausible to alter the nice chances you are supposed to experience either in your love affair or in the relationship with your children.

Those risks derive from the types of concerns that push you towards acting so anxiously, especially in regard your loved ones. And they might not bear the same worrisome approach to them. The eventual consequence: they would feel followed and judged and I guess this is not your actual purpose.

Think about your partner

A really sensitive moment in your relationships is probable to occur around November 11, when the Sun-Moon-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio makes you so receptive to what your close ones do and say, but also to what they feel and desire so that you will have a great asset to use for your benefit. I mean you will be able to know what to offer them in order to improve your life together and to build towards the common achievements you all have in mind.

But there is a risk here too. It’s about how you choose to use your deep understanding or let’s say the special feelings you have on things concerning your partners, either husband/wife or business collaborator.

My advice for you would be to not become the victim of your desire to control through the sensitive issues you actually know or just intuitively think about.

Money you earn, money you spend

Money to bring stress and disorientation (confusion) as the end of the month approaches. If you don’t want to see the real consequences of your financial behaviour, you may be allowed to blame the tense planetary aspects that will be formed on mutable signs, especially in the last decade of the month. But this will not solve anything for you.

Better see how much your expenditures and investments overpassed the money you earned, what pushed you towards such unsustainable options regarding financial matters and learn something from this. And then take full responsibilities either by paying debts or admitting losses.

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