Taurus November 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-10-23, 3783 views

You seem to be very grounded this November and the more realistic you are in your expectations, the higher chances there are for those to happen. Unexpected support might come for you but at the same time you shouldn’t necessary wait for it.

If you have the means to get involved in something, then do it, otherwise, it might be best to hold your pace.

If you have been in some kind of fight recently or are holding a grudge with someone, this is the moment to try and make things right. Even if they are in the wrong, you are kind of advised to be the better person.

The result won’t necessarily make you justice, especially if you feel like you are making a compromise, but at least it will help you regain some sort of peace. You are also at ease with some past decisions of yours, perhaps something that has to do with work, something that took you a while to completely understand.

At peace with feelings

Some natives may have to deal with contract signing or even some tough negotiations and a lot of creativity will have to enter the scene during those moments. You may turn a bit emotional but it is important to keep the eyes on the prize.

And speaking about emotions, the first week of the month seems to be full of these but in a good way, sort of. Emotions come with expressing how you feel and a lot of inner comfort.

Some will experience this in their relationships, somehow boosting them to a different level while others will feel a lot freer in their own families.

If you feel like this is a great time to slow down with the rush at work and just spend time with your family, you are more than welcomed to do it. Even some generational splits might be realigned, given how open everyone is to showing how they feel.

What you should and what you shouldn’t

Around the middle of the month you may feel quite adventurous but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to follow on those impulses. Some of your inclinations, or let’s call them temptations, are surely not something you would generally go for and they might not take you to the right place anyway.

Not to mention the fact that any kind of excess might force you to reconsider your medical position and might bring some worries you really don’t want hanging over your head at this time.

There are plenty of relaxing and inoffensive things you can do, especially during the weekends, and it seems that this month kind of has a habit of hiding those, so you will have to search for them.

In some other cases, perhaps with your partner as well, you might have to wait for something to happen but you need to always remember that they say that good things come to those who wait.

What friends can do

The 18th and 19th will offer some clues about what some people of interest think about you, either that this is being told directly to you, it is something you get to interpret from their obvious behavior or you overhear them.

This also means that you are just a little bit more confident in yourself, you tackle certain tasks with a lot more ease and this will surely be notices.

We can’t promise any real life opportunities but what is most likely is that the small things that come will somehow add up.

A lot of enthusiasm might come from one of your friends and they will also be able to put your mind at ease, in regard to an aspect you have always been very critical about. This would actually come at a great time for many, a time of worry and lots of questions you don’t want to talk to any person about.

What you should build

This November can also be seen as a month of accumulation, for some this can be financial, while others will focus on their own development. Take any opportunities you have from work in terms of training or even attending meetings you wouldn’t normally go to.

Although you can say the holidays are approaching and perhaps work will slow down in some cases, it is best to work for an advantage now, just like Mars wants you to, and the results will be felt at the beginning of the following year.

And you don’t even need that much hard work, it will all be a combination of seizing the moment and creativity. You are not in the best condition in terms of health so this is why you should avoid long hours, so they don’t get you in a different kind of trouble in this regard.

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