Taurus November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-10-22, 6277 views

Prepare for a month packed with interactions and partnerships as it seems that everything you set out to achieve will depend on the input of others. During the first half of the month, you may not be very comfortable with this but you will gradually grow fond of the new dynamic.

We are talking about this in all areas of your life, so not only with work. The ties you make this month will last you more than you think and there are chances to get on good terms with people you haven’t really interact with so far.

Although we are mostly focused on making things happen as a team, it seems that there will be some days (scattered here and there) when you will be better off on your own. Use these for self development activities.

Love troubles that you’ll enjoy

The first few days of November will bring up some romantic tension you have not experienced in a long while and although you may be receiving all the right signals, you still seem reluctant to follow through.

This may annoy your love interest so please remember that their patience is not unlimited. Some natives should even risk making a fool of themselves, but at least they reacted somehow.

This reluctance you are experiencing now is normal however, as it seems that the stars are not letting you get in contact with deeper emotions and with your general sense of self confidence.

But why only complain? These days and this small internal fight will bring exactly the kind of excitement you crave for and you will feel that your days are finally full.

Spiritual times

After the 8th, it seems that things are calming down slightly on the love front and you have more time to focus on work and on what is going on at home. You may find that there are some opportunities to win extra money and you will be motivated by your home situation to get on board with those.

Be careful not to enter into any long term business with friends because although you are getting along just fine now, things ought to change in the future.

You may also, especially around the 14th, feel the need to clear your debts and make sure you return any favours that have been given to you in time. Such behaviour may come after some meditation sessions or anything that has to do with spirituality and mindfulness.

This is your way of clearing your mind and a way of ensuring that there is nothing else dragging you down.


You are advised to work with your hands, whether we are talking arts and crafts or just cooking. This will help you explore some very relaxing tactile sensations, not to mention the benefits around the house.

By getting on board with cooking or cleaning, you are sure going to be on the good side of those dear to you. Some natives may also see in this an opportunity to demand for something, most likely emotional support.

Especially around the 20th, you may feel the need to express yourself, either by talking to someone you can trust or by putting your feelings in an art endeavour.

At first, some natives may find these tendencies laughable but they will also be curious to see if they actually work.

Finally, a bit of fun

Prepare for some relaxing and entertaining activities throughout the last week of November, whether or not you are specifically searching for them. You will be very excited at some news from your friends and you will surely accept any invite to social events.

Venus is putting a lot of charm in your behaviour and you will sense the appreciation of those around, thus you will act more and more at confidence. Some natives may end up writing to distant relatives, probably on social media and trying to get back in contact with them.

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